Scorpion Releasing - April 2013 DVD Releases!

On April 30th, Scorpion Releasing presents a pair of Ozploitation DVD releases, as well as a wacky British comedy.

First up, BODY MELT! It's a sunny day in suburbia. Suddenly, a hideously deformed dying man disrupts the peace, crashing his car in the neighborhood of Pebbles Court, the better part of Homesville. He's the victim of the experimental drug Vimuville, marketed as a "dietary supplement", which has apparently malfunctioned. He arrives too late to warn the population of Homesville against trying the pill that was dropped in their mailbox by a respectable pharmaceutical company. Unfortunately, the folks of Homesville are suckers for freebies and they too start deforming, mutating and exploding.

BODY MELT is available for the first time in 16x9 widescreen in the U.S, featuring the original trailer, as well as play with or without Katarina's Nightmare Theater option.

Then an Ozploitation double bill of THE DREAMING/INITIATION! In THE DREAMING, a female doctor treats a sick aborigine girl, who later dies under mysterious circumstances, and then the doctor's archaeologist father defies a tribal taboo and visits a sacred cave. The doctor soon finds herself having disturbing dreams and she is soon enmeshed in a 200-year-old mystery! Next up, INITIATION. Danny Molloy (Rodney Harvey, MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO), a tough street kid from Brooklyn, is about to face the biggest test of his life in the Australian outback. After a hasty departure from the U.S. where he was in trouble with the law, Danny confronts his father.

Both films are available for the first time in 16x9 widescreen anywhere, and the DVD also features an interview with producer Tony I. Ginnane, as well as play with or without Katarina's Nightmare Theater option.

Then the hysterical RENTADICK! A rich scientist, Armitage, has problems. Not only is his luscious wife being wooed by all and sundry, but his laboratory is under threat of sabotage to steal his secret nerve gas formula. So he calls upon 'Rentadick', a band of private detectives given the job of protecting both his business and his wife. What follows is a catalogue of double-dealings and indiscretions in this hilarious comedy written by John Cleese and Graham Chapman!

In 16x9 widescreen, you have the option of playing with or without Katarina's Kat Skratch Cinema option. The MSRP for each is $17.95