Director: Emile Alan Harvard (as Duncan Stewart)
Vinegar Syndrome

Vinegar Syndrome documents one of Count Dracula's more ignominious adventures in the New World with their DVD of THE BRIDE'S INITIATION.

Count Dracula (Marc Brock, THE WATER PEOPLE) needs to consume a witches brew of male sperm and deflower a virgin within the next fifteen hours to retain his youth and immortality. He has become a little desperate because he has had to punish his female slaves for seducing young men behind his back, so he must trust scarred chauffeur James (Jack Birch, MY BED IS CROWDED) to capture both virile male and virginal female. James makes off with a pair of honeymoon-bound newlyweds, drugging them in the back of Dracula's limo and taking them to the Count's mansion. The groom's sperm is collected and the bride defiled, so the count believes he can put off the rest of the ritual until the next night thanks to his renewed libido; however, he falls in love with Miss Richmond (EROTIC ADVENTURES OF CANDY's Carol Connors, Birch's wife and mother of AMERICAN BEAUTY actress Thora) and the prying of missing persons detective Gould (Steve Morgan) may prevent the Count from achieving love and immortality.

Horror and porn rarely mix, even during the golden age of adult filmmaking, and THE BRIDE'S INITIATION may be part of the reason why. Lensed in Florida on sets in which garish sixties décor is covered up by garish seventies upholstery, with a minimally-talented "cast" overshadowed by barnstorming Brock (who is scarcely better), the film drags at seventy minutes with cutaways to the investigation – Gould actually bothers to look into other leads before paying a visit to Count Dracula – the last minute introduction of Connors, some tame sadism and a surprising castration before a lame punchline. What little is known about the film's behind the scenes personnel is covered in the disc's sole extra below.

Previously issued on VHS and DVD by VCX as THE BRIDE'S INITIATION, a softer cut-down version appeared under the title DRACULA AND THE DIRTY OLD WITCH as an extra on Image Entertainment and Something Weird Video's DVD of DRACULA, THE DIRTY OLD MAN/GUESS WHAT HAPPENED TO COUNT DRACULA? (along with a cut down version of the John Holmes film SEX AND THE SINGLE VAMPIRE). Vinegar Syndrome's 2K scan from 35mm vault elements initially made its digital debut as part of the company's defunct streaming site Exploitation.TV. Their single-layer DVD features a non-anamorphic 1.33:1 fullscreen encode, and about the best that can be said is that it is an improvement over the previous VHS and DVD editions. Vinegar Syndrome have cleaned the film up, but the film was recklessly shot and the 35mm elements are in fair shape. The Dolby Digital 1.0 mono track is fairly clean but also subject to the archival condition of the print. The sole extra is the photo gallery "The Mystery of Emilio" (2:58), a series of clippings on Florida smut-maestro Emile Alan Harvard who teamed up with Rafael Remy (SHANTY TRAMP) in the production of sex plays "The Fear of Love" and "The Love of Love" shut down for obscenity and the production of a handful of porn films – including DEAR THROAT – before being prosecuted for interstate trafficking of the material between Miami and New York. The clips also include a few about Brock's ambitions towards becoming a male porn superstar. (Eric Cotenas)