Director: Jacques Saurel
Severin Films

She may have gotten over her daddy issues but her judgment in men is still piss pour. Continuing the turbulent tale of French fashion model Joy, producer Benjamin Simon's sequel to JOY follows in the familiar footsteps of similar erotic fair, as it follows Joy on a trip overseas to the cinematic den of inequity known as Thailand. Casting a beguiling Brigitte Lahaie in the title role, Benjamin also doubled the film's estrogen level by giving Joy a female friend to play off of and play with. The end result is strikingly similar to its predecessor but as the old adage goes, if it ain't broke, why try and fix it?

Marc (Jean-Marc Maurel) is a royal douche but Joy (Brigitte Lahaie) loves him anyway, which is unfortunate considering Marc has decided to leave Joy in favor of traveling to Thailand. Not one to let being jilted and humiliated break her stride, Joy follows Marc on her friend Bruce’s (Pierre Londiche) dime. While it is obvious what Bruce’s true intentions are, it is not until their arrival in Thailand that it becomes apparent just how far Bruce is willing to go in order to win Joy over. Taken to a sprawling jungle palace, Joy is presented to Prince Cornélius (Jacques Bryland), her local host, and her personal slave Millarca, played by Maria Isabel Lopez, the star of SILIP, DAUGHTERS OF EVE. Waited on hand and foot, Joy’s travel arraignments prove to be more than the brochure advertised as one night she is drugged by Bruce and presented to a gathered crowd as the centerpiece of an orgy. Despite being taken advantage (by half the town) and held against her will, Joy doesn’t contemplate running until she inadvertently picks up on Marc’s trail.

With the help of Millarca, Joy flees Prince Cornélius' palace and runs straight into the pants of Marc. Marc gives Joy enough time for a Wham and a Bam but foregoes the Thank You Ma'am, in favor of ditching her, yet again. Stranded in Thailand and left broken hearted by Marc for the umpteenth time, Joy's troubles quickly escalate from bad to worse upon the realization that she is being followed by Prince Cornélius. Evading Cornélius' grasp, Joy jumps on a senior citizens tour boat where she befriends river guide Joan (Isabelle Solar), a slender brunette who takes an instant shine to Joy. The two hit it of right away and while Joy is initially reluctant to Joan’s advances, the two find themselves sharing more than just clothes once they decided to travel to the Philippines where Joan’s ex runs a hotel. Forever followed by Prince Cornélius, the two lovers become further entwined with one another but Joy’s heart and loins still call out for Marc, leaving Joan to wonder just what is so special about this Marc?

Dual female masturbation, bath house orgies and transcontinental lesbian trysts; need I say more? JOY AND JOAN delivers all the sleaze and nudity a fan of Euro erotica expects along with something you don’t see very often, a compelling story. Don’t get me wrong, the picture's premise is pretty far fetched, the acting as a whole is sub par at best and I didn’t particularly find its conclusion to be very satisfying, but the journey was certainly interesting. I didn’t know what to expect next, which is exactly what I want from an erotic thriller, and the weirder the better. Random attacks by locals with cleft palates, eccentric billionaire foot fetishists and lesbians falling in love at first sight all but had me glued to my seat, but when it comes to kooky characters Jacques Bryland’s Prince Cornélius takes the cake. If stalking were an Olympic sport, creepy Cornélius would easily find himself on a box of Wheaties right next to Michael Phelps. One scene in particular almost made me roll off my couch in laughter. Upon their arrival in the Philippines, Joy and Joan celebrate their new love and location by frolicking topless in the ocean, unaware that Joan’s ex and his overweight friend are peeping at them from behind the tree line. While all of this is going on, Prince Cornélius suddenly rises out of the ocean, completely out of nowhere, fully clothed, still holding his cane to peer at the event through a pair of binoculars. Usually you see old Cornélius coming but this appearance was so out of left field, I lost it. Just when you think Joy’s been able to shake this guy, there he is.

36-24-36, Brigitte Lahaie is stacked and that's a fact. Star of numerous pornographic films and a striking standout in several Jean Rollin efforts, Lahaie is a joy to watch here but doesn’t quite live up to the performance of her predecessor, Claudia Udy. In the original JOY, star Udy had a knack for appearing to actually enjoy some, if not most of her sexual exploits. Lahaie on the other hand is simply present. She more or less has the same expression on her face for the majority of the film. Occasionally she may smile but rarely does her performance reach the same tortured sexual soul that Udy set up in the original JOY. Lahaie does however look amazing in a white swimsuit!

Uncut and uncensored, Severin’s barebones release of JOY AND JOAN is presented in a 1.66:1 widescreen aspect ratio with anamorphic enhancement. The print source looks great with accurate flesh tones and an overall nice sense of detail. The Dolby 2.0 French language dialogue track is free of imperfections and is accompanying by an optional English subtitle track. (Jason McElreath)