MARY! MARY! (1977) Blu-ray/DVD Combo
Director: Bernard Morris
Vinegar Syndrome

Vinegar Syndrome cashes in on Constance Money with their Blu-ray/DVD combo of MARY! MARY!

The marriage of Ned (John Leslie, CANDY GOES TO HOLLYWOOD) and Mary (Money, THE OPENING OF MISTY BEETHOVEN) seems happy but is lacking in stamina on Ned's part. When he proclaims that he would sell his soul not to come to soon, The Arranger appears to the couple and provides them with a special, self-replenishing potion that can be used as lubrication or as a food ingredient and is guaranteed to keep Ned perpetually erect. After the couple tests it out, Ned decides he would like to turn others onto it by throwing a party at the end of the week. At work, he can hardly keep his hands off of himself, prompting his secretary Bonnie (Sandy Pinney, V: THE HOT ONE) to give him a blowjob under the desk and then take him back to her apartment to swing with her sister Kate (Angela Haze, YOUNG STUDENTS). Mary relieves the boredom of shopping by seducing shop girl Jane (Sharon Thorpe, BABY ROSEMARY) and then joining her in raping fey owner Charles (Peter Johns, WANDA WHIPS WALL STREET). While Ned and Mary plan their party with the intention of introducing the potion to their guests in a big cock-shaped cake, Ned's partner Hank (Jon Martin, HOT LUNCH) barely makes it to the party when he gets a ride from Bonnie and Kate and their exhibitionism leads to a car chase with the cops (THUNDERCRACK!'s Ken Scudder and FLESH GORDON's Rene Bond). As the party gets underway, everyone is turned on even before they try the cake, but The Arranger has other plans in mind for the guests once they succumb.

One of only a handful of films Money made in the aftermath of her success in the Radley Metzger film, MARY! MARY! is classy looking – with attractive photography by Henning Schellerup, one of a number of technicians whose seventies work would encompass Sunn Classics documentaries like IN SEARCH OF HISTORIC JESUS as well as exploitation (KISS OF THE TARANTULA) and softcore/hardcore works – but it is fairly unambitious. When Money is onscreen, the camera loves her, particularly during the opening underwater shots in which the camera seems to be trying to probe her nether regions when Leslie's head is not in the way. The cast perform with gusto in the sex scenes and the few character bits they are allowed, and what entertainment value the film has is largely dependent on the cast rather than the attempts at comedy from the admittedly impressively-staged car crash to the undercranked foot chase. The Arranger is presented for much of the film as a silhouette doing what looks like Tai Chi against the sunset, and then looks more silly than sinister dancing around the guests as they couple separately and then arrange themselves in various chain positions before they each meet their fates through a series of solarized opticals. One and done director Bernard Morris also takes separate credit for action sequences.

Previously released on DVD by VCX, MARY! MARY! gets a 1080p24 MPEG-4 AVC 1.85:1 widescreen transfers from a 2K scan of the original 35mm camera negative which has thankfully been well-preserved and seemingly unmolested by VCA during that period earlier in the century when they snipped some of their titles of potentially objectionable material. The DTS-HD Master Audio 1.0 mono track sounds clean, consisting mainly of dialogue and library music, and optional English SDH subtitles are also included. The sole extra is the film's theatrical trailer (2:52) which imitates the "critics are raving" trailers of studio films with a mix of seemingly real and comical review quotes. The cover is reversible. (Eric Cotenas)