Director: Gus Trikonis
Code Red Releasing

John Saxon has three very tempting reasons to pilot the MOONSHINE COUNTY EXPRESS, on Blu-ray from Code Red.

When moonshine kingpin Pap Hammer (Fred Foresman) is murdered and his still blown up in an ambush, his three daughters Dot (DALLAS' Susan Howard), Betty (Claudia Jennings, TRUCK STOP WOMEN), and Sissy (THE BRADY BUNCH's Maureen McCormick) discover that he has left more than a hundred bucks in the bank as his legacy: namely, a cache of finely aged whiskey he stole from his duplicitous partner who happens to be the father of local bigwig Starkey (JAKE AND THE FATMAN's William Conrad) whom they suspect of being behind the killing. When the girls start moving in on Starkey's misappropriated territory, Starkey sends henchman Sweetwater (Morgan Woodward, COOL HAND LUKE) to shoot up their farm (as well as their beloved dog). With the local sheriff (Albert Salmi, SUPERSTITION) seemingly unwilling to help, and possibly on Starkey's payroll, Dot realizes that she needs racecar driver old flame J.B. Johnson (John Saxon, TENEBRAE) for more than teaching her how to evade the feds and Starkey's men when running moonshine.

Claudia Jennings, Candice Rialson, and Maureen McCormick all in the same film(!) but hold up, it's rated PG and Saxon ends up showing more skin than any of the female stars (Woodward too, for that matter). Still entertaining despite the tame efforts at titillation like Starkey going fishing for Rialson's bra with a wad of bills as bait, the film benefits as much from some engaging if not exactly range-stretching performances, welcome appearances by the likes of Len Lesser (BLOOD AND LACE) as a horny general store keeper, Jeff Corey (TRUE GRIT) as a drunken preacher, Dub Taylor (THE WILD BUNCH) as the girls' no-good uncle, Bruce Kimball (LOVE CAMP 7) as J.B.'s auto hacker, and E.J. André (MAGIC) as Hammer's lawyer, as well as some exciting car chases and fairly bloody shootouts. Director Gus Trikonis' and producer Ed Carlin' other collaborations included THE SWINGING BARMAIDS, THE STUDENT BODY (also available from Code Red on DVD), and THE EVIL.

Released theatrically by New World Pictures and on videotape by Warner in the early eighties, MOONSHINE COUNTY EXPRESS looks excellent in Code Red's 1080p24 MPEG-4 AVC 1.78:1 widescreen Blu-ray with the photography of Gary Graver (MORTUARY) favoring rustic browns and greens while facial features are rugged and healthy-looking and the occasional bursts of red pop off the screen. Damage is extremely minimal. The DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 mono track is clean and crisp. The only extras are trailers for the films MISSION: KILL, ACAPULCO GOLD, MANIAC, HANDS OF STEEL, and RUNNING SCARED. (Eric Cotenas)