Impulse Pictures

To introduce their forthcoming Nikkatsu Roman Porno Collection, Impulse Pictures has gathered together 38 trailers aimed to titillate your senses and wet your appetite for what is destined to be one delirious collection of films. Running just over an hour, the collection features trailers for super hero comedies, yakuza crime dramas and S&M tinged thrillers, all of which contain an abundance of naked flesh and depraved imagery. Anyone with a fondness for small breasts and tiny, square asses is all but certain to find much to enjoy here, as are those with an affinity for weird world cinema, and if you happen to fall into both of those categories, well then, Christmas has come early for you my friend.

Kichitaro Negishi's FEMALE TEACHER: DIRTY AFTERNOON is one of the first Nikkatsu titles on Impulses impending release schedule. Part of the FEMALE TEACHER series, the trailer doesn’t reveal much about its plot save that its lead character, a woman who I assume based on the title is a teacher, is having a difficult time dealing with the mental and emotional anguish of rape, a common set up seen throughout this collection.

“Pierce me with your hot pistil” cries out the trailer for Jun’ichi Suzuki’s FEMALE TEACHER HUNTING, another entry in the FEMALE TEACHER series. Both DIRTY AFTERNOON and HUNTING feature actress Yuki Kazamatsuri, who may look familiar as one of her most recent roles was as the proprietor of the House of Blue Leaves in KILL BILL: Vol. 1.

Helmed by Yasurou Uegaki, the trailer for FEMALE TEACHER: IN FRONT OF THE STUDENTS is about a teacher who is attacked and raped by a masked man. This attack leads the teacher to open up to her students sexually in an apparent bid to uncover her attacker. The trailer alludes to several themes outside of rape, such as lesbianism and group sex, setting it apart from the other FEMALE TEACHER trailers presented here.

Gymnastics is a young woman’s sport and in FEMALE GYMNASTICS INSTRUCTOR: JUMP AND STRADDLE one aging star is going to have to do more than stick her landing if she plans on making it to the Olympics. JUMP AND STRADDLE is directed by Koyu Ohara whose other credits include such mind melting titles as FAIRY IN A CAGE and WHITE ROSE CAMPUS: THEN EVERYBODY GETS RAPED.

ZOOM UP: BEAVER BOOK GIRL, an entry in the ZOOM UP series, certainly knows how to grab ones attention. The trailer opens with a naked woman sitting in chair, arching a stream of pee so steady and strong that it damn near makes a rainbow. Claiming to uncover the secrets of the skin trade, BEAVER GIRL BOOK looks like an ideal matinee for the raincoat crowd.

I’m betting very few renters ever collected on their security depots in ZOOM IN: RAPE APARTMENTS, the first film by Naosuke Kurosawa. Based on the trailer the picture looks to play like a giallo. Taking into account that Nikkatsu released over 1,000 Roman Porno’s from 1971 to 1988, I would be surprised in the studio didn’t try its hand at a giallo or any other genre for that matter.

Directed by Hidehiro Ito, DEBAUCHERY tells the tale of a young housewife who gets a job as an escort in order to spice up her life. Of course this is Japan we are talking about so her clients tend to want more than just a quick, wham, bam, thank you Mizuki. That would be far too ordinary. Wearing a collar and leash and be walked around on all fours like an animal however sounds much more like a Roman Porno worthy of such a title.

“Sexy women should make love while they’re still hot” and in SHE CAT they do just that. Directed by Shingo Yamashiro, the trailer for SHE CAT makes good use of the well endowed Ai Saotome, making it one of my favorites of this collection – the numerous wet shirt scenes didn’t exactly dampen my attraction for it ether. Sadly it was reported earlier this year that Ai died in Seattle of multiple organ failure. The picture appears to take its cues from the Yakuza pictures, as it is filled with gun fights and scenes of tough guys roughing people up.

Touting itself as an action porno, Yukihiro Sawada’s SEX HUNTER: WET TARGET features multiple rapes, some of which are committed by Anglos, a rarity for this collection. The taglines present in this compilation of trailers never ceases to amaze. If the copious amounts of nudity and violence don’t grab your attention, taglines such as “A blood soaked dream bullet” certainly will.

I LOVE IT FROM BEHIND! is about a penis print fanatic who likes to use her lovers rods as stamps. Sure it sounds weird (and kinky) but is it really an odder than taking an etching of a tombstones. OK, it kind of is. Another film from the prolific Koyu Ohara (SINS OF SISTER LUCIA), the trailer showcases a scene in which a man uses his partners back as a dinner table. The couple is apparently trying to break the record for longest loving making session (and the world’s worst case of chafed thighs) leaving them no opportunely to break for a proper dinner.

NURSES GONE WILD! is not another entry in the Girls Gone Wild series that advertises on late night TV but don’t worry, there are still plenty of young women flashing their breasts. The picture appears to be in the same vain as the Roger Corman produced Nurse Pictures such as THE STUDENT NURSES and CANDY STRIPE NURSES, as it features elements of comedy intertwined with its sex. After the hospitals head honcho catches crabs, the head nurse is ordered to shave his pubic area without his knowledge. Yeah, good luck with that.

NURSE DIARY: BEASTLY AFTERNOON is a hard one to peg down. It appears to be a psychological drama of sorts as it involves hypnotism and a woman who has a bell put in her… you know, and every time she… you know, it rings. From the director of ZOOM IN: RAPE APARTMENTS.

Etsuko Hara stars in NURSE DIARY: MISCHIEVOUS FINGERS, directed by Shin’ichi Shiratori. The film appears to a drama, again in line with the early Corman Nurse pictures.

And the award for best title of a motion picture goes to… NURSES’ DORMITORY: ASSY FINGERS. What can I say? The title pretty much sells itself. I can only assume that the plot follows a group of young nurses who work at proctologist’s office. Why there is a bulldog with a miner’s headlight on, I have no idea. Maybe he’s the proctologist’s mascot?

Directed by Katsuhiko Fujii, NEW COMPANY GIRLS: 9 TO 5 appears to be a sexually driven remake of the Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton comedy, 9 TO 5, or at least I pray to God that it is. All the set ups are there, hog tying the boss, poison in the coffee, three driven business women who turn heads with their sassy antics and feminist zeal. As a fan of foreign remakes of American films, I can not wait to check this one out.

Yasurou Uegaki’s OFFICE LOVE: MIDDAY SANCTUARY is one of the few trailers present here that comes and goes without leaving at least one scene to linger and pervert. RAPE ME! SEXUAL ASSULAT IN A HOTEL ROOM on the other hand plays with both your eyes and ears. The quick and stylish trailer features a great mariachi style intro and a professional polish that has become synonymous with Nikkatsu’s Roman Porno line. Directed by Koretsuu Kurahara, the trailer features a scene in which a woman uses a beer bottle to siphon out her partner’s man goo!

RAPE SHOT: MOMOE’S LIPS looks to “exposes the dark side of the entertainment world” by telling the tale of a pop star whose body is both sold and taken. Director Katsuhiko Fujii helmed a number of pictures for Nikkatsu in the early eighties, many of which were based on the works of Oniroku Dan, a Japanese novelist noted for working with S&M themes.

PEARL DIVER: TIGHT SHELLFISH compares the tender parts of a woman to clams and sea slugs. Directed by Atsushi Fujiura, the trailer for PEARL DIVER standouts thanks to a scene in which a woman sticks a tiny octopus in her vagina and then, using her pelvic muscles, squirts ink from her crotch into a mans awaiting face!

I’ll give you one guess as to what happened that one summer in IT HAPPENED ONE SUMMER: BLUE CORAL REEF. That’s right, rape. Directed by Toshiharu Ikeda, the trailer plays as a drama whose central theme is love, heart break and multiple sexual violations.

AFFAIR IN THE EARLY AFTERNOON: KYOTO TAPESTRY brings S&M themes into the mix, as well as some odd ping pong ball imagery. KYOTO TAPESTRY is directed by Masaru Konuma, the same mad genius behind such films as FEMALE PRISONER: CAGED! (which I Highly Recommend), FLOWER AND SNAKE and SEX FIEND, which is about a masked super hero whose vitality knows no equal.

The trailer for SEX FIEND features whimsical dancing, a hollowed out sex chair (a similar device of which can be seen in Noboru Tanaka’s THE WATCHER IN THE ATTIC) and enough Asian stereotypes to choke a horse. There is also a scene in which the capped carnal crusader stops the rape of a woman by sticking a nunchuck up the bum of her assailant, bearing the question, how much bum could a nunchuck chuck if a nunchuck could chuck bum. All kidding aside this film look amazing! Please Synapse, I implore you, release SEX FIEND as soon as humanly possible!

“Sweat nectar falls from the young dancer’s red budded flower” in SAYURI ICHIJO: WET LUST, a film which recalls the life of a mother who strips. Directed by Tatsumi Kumashiro and staring Hiroko Isayama, the trailer features scenes of a women dripping wax all over her breasts and performing a tokudashi show, an act in which the performer displays her crotch mere inches away from her customers faces. Kumashiro also directs OH! WOMEN: DIRTY SONGS, a rock n’ roll tale filled with threesomes, foot licking and butt biting.

APARTMENT WIFE: AFTERNOON AFFAIR is not just another “wife is bored at home so she becomes a call girl tale”, it’s also one of the two films that kick started Nikkatsu’s Roman Porno line in 1971, along with Hayashi Isao’s CASTLE ORGIES. Directed by Nishimura Shougourou, the trailer for AFTERNOON AFFAIR doesn’t stand out nearly as well as COED REPORT: YOKO’S WHITE BREASTS, directed by Yukihiko Konda. A “Sexpose on modern high school girls”, the trailer features a couple of schoolgirl on schoolgirl scenes as well as a older Volleyball couch being coaxed into giving one of his students a private lesson.

THE LOVERS ARE WET is listed as a “Drifter film”. Based solely on what is shown in the films trailer the film, which is directed by Tatsumi Kumashiro, appears to tell the story of a young and confused man who wanders into a small coastal town to play leap frog with naked women on the beach.

EMBRACED BY THE DARKNESS is not an Icelandic black metal band, at least not to my knowledge, it is rather a foreboding looking tale directed by Kazunari Takeda. Equally dark in its tone is the trailer for CONFIDENTIAL REPORT: PROSTITUTE TORTURE HELL. Directed by Noboru Tanaka the trailer follows the Grim Reaper Osen (Rie Nakagawa), a woman who is repeatedly violated but whose touch proves deadly. The trailers stand out scene features Osen using a severed human finger to apply her lip stick and pleasure herself.

Shot in the Shinshu province and Tohoku region, WET LUST: 21 STRIPPERS features a troupe of traveling stripers. Directed by Tatsumi Kumashiro, WET LUST features numerous scenes of strip shows that both tease and please.

What’s the twist in PAINFUL BLISS! A SURPRISE TWIST? Cross-dressing! A “silly girl, a Yakuza man and a transvestite Tokyo U grad” hit the road for mirth and mayhem in Tatsumi Kumashiro’s transgendered comedy. Kumashiro also directs WET LIPS, which the trailer lists as part of the “wander” series.

RACE ACROSS THE DRENCHED WASTELAND sounds like the title to an Italian post-apocalyptic picture but it is in fact a cop drama directed by Yukihiro Sawada, and a pretty dark looking one at that.

LOVE HUNTER directed by Seiichiro Yamaguchi claims to be shocking but the trailer gives little indication of such. RAPE ME! on the hand practicably slaps you across the face with such outbursts as “Rape Her!” and “Rape the woman!”. Directed by Yasuharu Hasebe, RAPE! was one of the first entries in the "violent pink" genre.

Directed by Shinji Somai, LOVE HOTEL looks to exploit the many, often themed hotel rooms found in Japan. Charging by the hour, theses hotels rooms are designed to give lovers a private and often unique environment in which to get away and spend a little quality time. LOVE HOTEL is written by Takashi Ishii, whose other screenplay credits include EVIL DEAD TRAP and FREEZE ME, for which he also directed.

More shellfish imagery pops up in the trailer for NYMPHO DIVER: G-STRING FESTIVAL. Playing up its comedic elements as well its beach location, G-STRING's trailer features a festival in which a giant penis is carried through the streets until it finds its home, a giant vagina, on the other side of town.

Sex and ballet abound in SEX HUNTER, from director Toshiharu Ikeda (EVIL DEAD TRAP). SEX HUNTER’s trailers concludes this collection with quite a punch, as it features a scene in which a shaken up Coke bottle is forcefully inserted into a ballerina from behind. I would image it would be hard to pirouette after such a less-than-refreshing encounter.

Trailers are presented in anamorphic widescreen (16:9) with newly translated removable English subtitles. The discs main menu allows you to play the collection of trailers as a whole or individually. Having been digitally mastered the majority of the trailers present feature very little in the way of debris or over powering grain. Colors are lively and flesh tones appear accurate. The Japanese 2.0 mono sounds clear with no noticeable errors.

Bonus Materials include a thirty minute bonus feature called RYOKO’S LESBIAN FLIGHT. The shot on video short features two female flight attendants getting warm and cozy in a hotel room. Their heavy petting is eventually interrupted by one the girls boyfriends who wants to get in a little lovin’ before his girl has to head back into the friendly skies. Liner notes about the history of Nikkatsu studios from “Behind the Pink Curtain” author Jasper Sharp help round out a tantalizing introduction to a much anticipated line from Impulse. (Jason McElreath)