Director: Joe D'Amato (Aristide Massacessi)
Exploitation Digital/Media Blasters

Joe D'Amato is best-known for his works in two genres: sex and horror. By 1981, he had burnt himself out on BLACK EMANUELLE films and on sofcore in general, branching out into hardcore productions as the market became more demanding for XXX product. He also found himself with gory horrors BUIO OMEGA and ANTROPOPHOGOUS doing gangbusters at the box office all over the world. So why not combine the two elements? PORNO HOLOCAUST was not his first attempt at creating a porno/horror hybrid (that would be EROTIC NIGHTS OF THE LIVING DEAD, though ORGASMO NERO is a softcore sex'n'chills flick), but this follow-up is arguably his most infamous. Thanks to a catchy title and the fact that a fully uncut version in good quality has been hard to come by, this Media Blasters release is a welcome addition to their Exploitation Digital library. This is a bizarre choice to put on the Exploitation Digital label, as its counterpart, EROTIC NIGHTS OF THE LIVING DEAD, appeared under the Shriek Show banner, but never-the-less, this is one of the most perplexing mixes of sex and violence Italian cult cinema produced. So of course it comes highly recommended for adventurous viewers who think they've seen it all.

A cursed Caribbean island is the destination for a team of scientists and their guide, Captain Hardy. It seems that nuclear testing has resulted in larger-than-life wildlife and a strange series of graphic murders which seem to be committed by a bloodthirsty monster! What the group discovers is a giant black native who has transformed into a horny beast with a killer cock (really!) and super strength, resulting in death by dicking, head smashing, and other nasty demises.

Shot on-location in the Dominican Republic with much of the same cast and crew as the earlier EROTIC NIGHTS OF THE LIVING DEAD (only Laura Gemser is missing here from that cast), PORNO HOLOCAUST is a film which many have heard about and are dying to see, but when they do, it ends up being a major disappointment. Oh sure, the gory death scenes and some of the hardcore sex scenes are worth tracking this down for (both Mark Shannon-Annj Goren pairings on the beach are well-done). But at almost two hours, this is an epic porno flick with pacing problems and only the most horny perverts would actually like the half-hard uncut woodies and unenthusiastic gals on display. There is also too much dialogue and every performance is terrible. Eurocult heavy George Eastman returns in a role that will surprise you: as Professor Lemuan! Big burly bearded Eastman does his best in this mismatched role but doesn't do much of anything except spout scientific dialogue and meet a gory end. Thankfully the horror elements of the film are cheesy enough to keep things interesting...though it takes 45 minutes to get to the island (!) and another 30 minutes to see our monster! The film eventually becomes EEGAH!, with the monster kidnapping the female heroine and falling in love with her as she investigates who or what he is while the surviving scientists search for her. Featuring another beautifully addictive score by Nico Fidenco, carpenter's dream Annj Goren (ORGASMO NERO, SESSO NERO) as a biologist (HA!), a slapfight leading to a lesbian lovefest, two black natives making an Oreo sandwich with a horny tourist (who hates giving oral and looks disgusted when one of the guys cums on her), Mark Shannon's genital warts, and Joe D'Amato in a cameo as a nosy reporter!

Like many of D'Amato's films, he shot this on very cheap film stock which resulted in grainy, hazy images, betraying his low budget. Presented anamorphic in a 1.85:1 aspect ratio, PORNO HOLOCAUST is no exception, but is still the best-looking version to date of this sickie. Like MB's disc of EROTIC NIGHTS OF THE LIVING DEAD, all the hardcore footage is completely intact, and sometimes a little too digitally remastered and clean for comfort! Mark Shannon's warty balls are back in close-ups, but you also get to see all the gory highlights and money shots in very nice quality. Grain and discoloration affects the opening scenes and some other sequences infrequently, but blacks are solid and the reds and greens of the already reserved color pallette look great. Because an uncut version has never existed in English, the disc offers the original Italian mono with optional English subtitles. At times dialogue and music sounds muffled and restrained, but this is a serviceable audio mix.

Extras are limited, as D'Amato passed away in 1999 and Shannon and Goren have apparently disappeared. Screenwriter/actor George Eastman is here in a video interview which for some odd reason begins discussing ABSURD, the incredible sequel to ANTROPOPHOGOUS (he says it isn't a sequel, but then goes on to say it's the same character, so basically, yeah, it's still a sequel). He discusses working with Joe D'Amato and their friendship, the reason behind shooting four films in the Caribbean at the same time (they wanted a vacation!), the locations of certain scenes in EROTIC NIGHTS IN THE LIVING DEAD and PORNO HOLOCAUST, writing HOLOCAUST, and even talks about 2019 AFTER THE FALL OF NEW YORK, Mario Bava, Pupi Avati, and what he does today! In addition to a brief photo gallery, the original theatrical trailer and previews for YELLOW EMANUELLE, SS GIRLS, EROTIC NIGHTS OF THE LIVING DEAD and EMANUELLE AND THE LAST CANNIBALS are included. Bonus points for the semi-lewd animated menus and the provocative cover art from an original poster! (Casey Scott)