Director: Ernst Hofbauer
Impulse Pictures

Ernst Hofbauer was a busy man in the first half of the 1970’s. From the start of the decade on through to 1975, he helmed over 20 films, including the first eight entries in the Schulmädchen-Report series. Actually most of Hofbauer's projects during this time tend to fall in line with the investigative "report” film, such as SWINGING WIVES and Mädchen beim Frauenarzt, also known as GIRLS AT THE GYNECOLOGIST. By the time it came to directing volume six in the thirteen strong series, Ernst's day to day duties must have seemed like second nature. And, I would imagine, a Hell of a lot of fun.

After Sibylle (Sonja Jeannine) and Achim (Bert Lock) get caught having sex under the piano in the music room, the two love birds are brought before facility and staff to be reprimanded. Grilled over their illicit behavior, the young lovers stick up for themselves by suggesting that their conduct would be considered tame when compared to the rest of the school's population. Take for instance the case of Ingrid (Marie Ekorre) and Miss Lensing (Shirley Corrigan). Ingrid's lesbian lust for her striking teacher leads the beguiling brunette to act far beyond rational thought. Throwing herself at her teacher, Ingrid begs to feel the warm breath and breasts of her instructor; however her sexual advances prove mute, as Fräulein Lensing clearly doesn’t swing that way. She would much rather spend time with the school's married German teacher. Rebuffed, Ingrid tries her hand at blackmail but before the affair has a chance to blow up, the whole ordeal is covered up by the school's administration.

Further driving home the school’s ignorance of its own repute, Sibylle recounts the time she stayed mum after being accosted at school by several boys her senior. Her ordeal then (somehow) leads to the story of Hans (Kurt Meinicke), the campus lady-killer, known for having bedded almost ever girl in school. With several female classmates on the down low, completely unaware of each other, Hans undeniably has a good thing going. That is until his so called best friend Leopold (Sven Dolan) decides to set up his best bro for a fall, after a scorned lover of Hans approaches him with an irresistible offer.

On a lighter note, though equally disturbing, the school appears to have a problem with its outsourced help as well, as shown by the randy antics of a hired window washer played by Schulmädchen-Report regular, Rinaldo Talamonti. While an all girl health class gets a lecture in the finer points of the male anatomy, a virile, if not overly goofy fellow, takes advantage of the teacher’s poor vision by sneaking into the classroom and posing as one of the girls. Once distracted, the horny janitor takes three of the class's students behind a conveniently placed partition for a bit of private tutoring.

Stepping away from the school momentarily, one faculty member recounts a tale that took place in a village just south of the school. A shocking tale that involved a young girl named Marlies (Sonja Embriz) who was forced into prostitution by her creepy ass father. After catching his daughter mere moments before losing her virginity to a nearby farmer, the old man decides to use his daughter's purity as means of erasing his debts. Marlies reluctantly complies with her father's request at first but it isn’t long before word of her new occupation gets around the village, causing her much embarrassment and potentiality ruining any chance of one day finding a true companion.

Coming full circle, the final tale recounts the passionate affair between a fencing instructor, Mr. Wedekind (Reiner Brönneke), and his nubile star pupil, Lilo (Ulrike Butz). After a rather steamy locker room rendezvous, the two begin to find time in which to meet in private to continue their studies. While hot and adventurous, their affair proves to be too much to handle for Mr. Wedekind, who decides to break things off between the two of them, much to Lilo’s dismay. A complete wreck, Lilo collapses in the middle of the road in front of on coming traffic but, luckily for her, is swooped up by the a young man (Achim Neumann) who is more than willing to take Mr. Wedekind’s place.

Of all of the SCHOOLGIRL REPORT films released stateside on DVD thus far – Numbers 1 through 5 of the series are currently available through Impulse Pictures - #6 might just have the most eye catching cast. The picture certainly opens with a bang, as the first segment not only features former Penthouse Pet of the Month (March, 1974) Marie Ekorre, but her future costar from AROUND THE WORLD WITH FANNY HILL, Shirley Corrigan to boot, and in a lesbian tryst no less. Marie and her giant eyelashes light up the screen for her extended segment which, truth be told, shows very little in the way of lesbian love, but not for her character's lack of trying. Shirley, who the previous year stared opposite Paul Naschy in DOCTOR JEKYLL AND THE WEREWOLF, receives the most “in the buff” screen time and looks nothing short of amazing in every frame. Sonja Jeannine also proves to be a delectable delight as Sibylle, the young lady whose extracurricular activities provides the loose thread which strings together the film's tantalizing vignettes. Sonja also displays her talents in Fruhreifen-Report, shot the same year by Hofbauer and would again act for the director a year later in the delirious German/Hong Kong co-production, ENTER THE SEVEN VIRGINS. Other notable beauties include Ulrike Butz (THE DEVIL’S PLAYTHING), a stand out in the film's obligatory shower scene, and Sonja Embriz whose clothing appears to be the center piece of a game of musical chairs, as in each proceeding scene another article seems to turn up missing. Swedish sexpot Christina Lindberg even gets in on the action as scenes from prior Schulmädchen-Report, including Teil 4 in which she headlined a segment, are incorporated into the picture as a means of driving home the film's investigative angle.

Released in the U.S. through Hemisphere Pictures as CAMPUS PUSSYCATS - “They have the campus franchise on wild pleasure!” -, Impulse Pictures presents SCHOOLGIRL REPORT Volume #6 uncut in its original German language. The film's anamorphic widescreen (1.66:1) transfer is quite solid, though coloring is slightly soft. Sporadic debris rarely deflects from the ongoing action. However, reel changes, which are marked by a large white box, then circle, do jump out quite blaringly due to their size. The mono audio track bares little to complain about, as both dialogue and Gert Wilden’s original score are easy to follow, as are the newly translated, removable English subtitles which bare no errors and flow naturally. Save for a chapter menu, there are no extras features.

Packed with enough eye candy to give you ocular diabetes, fans of the SCHOOLGIRL REPORT films should have no qualms about picking this one up, as it is on par with Impulse Pictures previous releases. I for one can't wait for them release volume #7. And #8. And #9 ....
(Jason McElreath)