Director: Walter Boos
Impulse Pictures

Impulse Pictures files another SCHOOLGIRL REPORT with the ninth installment: MATURE BEFORE GRADUATION.

An accident involving two cars lands twelve teenagers in the hospital somehow leads to a police inquiry into teenage sexual mores as a police officer (Uli Steigberg, DEEP END) and his colleague (Walter Feuchtenberg, LADY DRACULA) analyze the kids’ statements to determine how they all came to be at the drunken orgy that preceded the smash-up. Eighteen-year-old student Petra (Gina Janssen, SADOMANIA) shocked her parents by marrying mechanic boyfriend Horst (Dagobert Walter, THE SENSUOUS HOUSEWIFE) and setting up house. After their bust of a honeymoon, Petra quickly discovers that married life is no fairytale. Horst’s late hours interfere with Petra’s romantic plans, and Petra’s schoolwork keeps her from partying with Horst’s beer-guzzling friends (Horst also resents the fact that she has stayed in school and believes she wants to be better than him). Petra and Horst mutually decide to divorce, and Horst asks her to what promises to be a wild party given by former school friend Albert in order to celebrate. Schoolmate Tessy is ashamed that she is still a virgin, so she decides to attend an orgy given by Lilo (series regular Puppa Armbruster, CAMPUS PUSSYCATS) to lose her virginity; however, classmate Paul (Heiner Lauterbach, BLUE DREAMS) takes it upon himself to protect Tessy’s reputation in a manner that would have any sane person screaming “date rape”! Somehow, true love wins out and the two decide, after such drastic steps to keep Tessy from being ravished by total strangers, to attend Albert’s orgy.

Susanne (Sandra Atia, SCHOOLGIRL REPORT 8) can’t give a statement since she’s one of the critically-injured, but schoolmate Elke (Uschi Karnat, INSATIABLE JANINE) fills in the blanks by relating to the doctor the story of how Susanne’s stepfather (Claus Tinney, NURSES REPORT) blackmailed his stepdaughter into sex after catching the two of them in the middle of some lesbian experimentation and got the girl pregnant and in need of an abortion (this has nothing to do with how they got to the party, but it kills some time). Poor Katja (Christine Szenetra, EASY COME, EASY GO) is not looking forward to attending her parents’ anniversary, even when her father Otto (Jürgen Feindt) tells her to bring her boyfriend – or her “stallion” – along; but Otto and his wife Selma (Elisabeth Welz, EROTIC CENTER) realize they are no longer raising a child and go to comic lengths to try to relate to their “fun-loving chick” of a daughter with a lexicon of teenage phrases, fly dance moves, and funky clothing. Shocked by her parents’ buffoonery, she and her boyfriend storm out and run into Albert (that guy again) who invites them to his happening party. Another on the critical list is Achim, and pretty Claudia (Marianne Dupont, Joseph Sarno’s BIBI) believes he would not have gone to the party had she not rejected his sexual advances (owing to her trauma involving a flasher with a giant strap-on). Finally, Monika wants to marry Karl, but he can’t find a job and won’t marry her without a steady income. When Albert invites him to the party, he turns it down but lets it slip to Monika that Albert could get him a job at his father’s company; however, Albert never does anything without getting something in return. Monika takes it upon herself to approach Albert, but Karl has also decided to drop in at the party…

Much of this ninth installment is rather dreary, and I’m talking about most of the sex and nudity set-pieces rather than the pregnant girl subplot or the boy in critical condition. On the other hand, the vignette of Katja’s parents realizing that their girl isn’t a child anymore and attempting – however comically – to engage with her on her level is simultaneously funny and poignant (and German comedy is not known for either) since the parents aren’t trying to become “anti-authoritarian” (which they equate with drinking, dancing, and wearing outrageous clothes) because they no longer have the responsibility of caring for a child but because they want to keep up with her (although I doubt referring to your daughter a “bitchy chick” will endear her to you). Since the structure of the film is in tracing how each of the young characters found themselves at the party that preceded the car accidents, all of the loose ends are left that way and we are just given a punch line (that literally staggers in off the street) about the ineffectiveness of stricter authoritarian parenting. There’s plenty of nudity, but the sex scenes are as listless as the direction. Walter Boos’s directorial career included some of the earlier installments in the SCHOOLGIRL REPORT series as well as a number of offshoots and the EXORCIST rip-off MAGDELENA, POSSESSED BY THE DEVIL (aka THE DEVIL’S FEMALE).

Released stateside as SOPHOMORE SENSATIONS and in the UK as WHEN GIRLS MAKE LOVE, SCHOOLGIRL REPORT 9 comes to DVD courtesy of Impulse Pictures in its original German version. Like SCHOOLGIRL REPORT 8, Impulse Pictures’ 1.66:1 anamorphic transfer is not too impressive-looking. There is some tape damage early on, chroma noise abounds on fine lines, and the picture is soft overall. The German Dolby Digital 2.0 mono audio is in better condition (I’m guessing the English dubs for these films have not been included because of footage differences, rights issues, or surviving materials) – it appears that Impulse or perhaps the German rights owners have replaced Gert Wilden’s title theme with a stereo recording (it’s far cleaner and more vibrant than the rest of track) – and the optional English subtitles are without any glaring errors. There are absolutely no extras. (Eric Cotenas)