Director: Fred J. Lincoln
Impulse Pictures

Late LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT actor/porn auteur Fred Lincoln tries his hand at the fairy tale adaptation porn sub-genre with this extremely low-rent take on “Cinderella” starring Serena.

Our fairy god mother (“introducing” China Leigh) is going to tell us a story: “a hot story, I just love hot stories, don’t you?” With her eyes flicking back and forth between the camera and the cue cards, she relates the story of nineteen-year-old Cindy (Serena). When Cindy’s mother dies, her father not only sells his “palace” to the local madam (Natasha Raphael) but his daughter as well. Pretty Cindy – who seems like she would be an obvious moneymaker from the start – is left with the dirty jobs of pressing clothes and occasionally assisting the madam and the other girls with acts they would rather not do themselves. When Mr. Thomas (Jamie Gillis) – dressed like a hobo with a leather top hat – stops by to secure some tail for the Prince Charles’ (Paul Thomas) orgy, Cindy is naturally left out (although not before Mr. Thomas samples her); however, her fairy godmother decides to help Cindy out (after blowing some anonymous guy). Cindy – fitted with a different hairstyle and black lingerie – crashes the orgy (Thomas, Gillis, and four women) and gives him the ride of his life. When the clock strikes twelve, Cindy flees, leaving behind a silver stiletto pump. Since it’s sixty-five minutes into a sixty-eight minute film, Cindy saves Prince Charles the effort of searching her out and offers to try on the slipper: “Now wasn’t that a nice story,” asks the fairy godmother who is too busy with other stuff to offer further narration.

As far as porn variations on fairy tales and other literary sources, SERENA: AN ADULT FAIRYTALE – produced by future porn director Vinnie Rossi and with a screenplay credited to one Daniel Webster – is rather unambitious in scope and creativity. The cast is small, the same beach house serves as both the madam’s brothel and the prince’s palace apparently, and Lincoln presumably operated the camera himself – in addition to performing several other behind-the-camera functions – since there’s no DP credit (and the assistant cameraman is credited as “Phil Focus”, the gaffer as “Rufus Leaking”, and the sound recordist as “Dick Hertz”). Other than the fairy godmother’s narration and an occasional line of dialogue before or after one of the sex scenes, one could easily forget there’s any “story” at all (fortunately Serena is enthusiastic in all she does, although she seems to be the only one as even Gillis seems bored).

While not an unattractive production, it certainly makes Al Adamson’s and Michael Pataki’s softcore treatments of the Cinderella story – CINDERELLA 2000 and CINDERELLA (both 1977) respectively – look lavish in comparison. While Impulse’s disc of Fred Lincoln’s SAME TIME EVERY YEAR sported a new anamorphic transfer, SERENA appears to be sourced from a well-preserved 1” tape master. That said, the semi-letterboxed (1.41:1) non-anamorphic image sports occasionally attractive colors and an appropriately grainy image (many of the scratches probably occurred in camera or during the processing). The Dolby Digital 2.0 mono track is in fine condition (consisting mainly of dialogue and classical music tracks). The menus are basic and there are absolutely no extras. Not an essential upgrade for the retail price unless you’re a Serena or Fred Lincoln fan(atic). (Eric Cotenas)