Director: Fred J. Lincoln
Vinegar Syndrome

Jamie Gillis and Fred J. Lincoln go Euro with the hardcore sex comedy THAT'S OUTRAGEOUS, on DVD from Vinegar Syndrome.

Fashion photographer Paul (Gillis) has an enviable problem: he is dating Michelle (France Lomay, OASIS OF THE ZOMBIES) and her sister Martine (Natasha, FROM RUSSIA WITH LUST) who believes that he is a novelist named Philippe. Seeing them separately with the help of his awkward assistant Rick (Joey Silvera, SEXWORLD) – who is also tasked with putting together a manuscript of the fake novel that allows Paul to be away from Martine while he is with Michelle – Paul hopes to ease them into the idea of a threesome. Although a dicey proposition, it appears as though the sisters talk about everything but sex together, giving only the vaguest descriptions to one another of the love of their lives. Placating worried Rick by setting him up with another model (Anna Ventura, OUI GIRLS), Paul finally hits upon the idea of tricking the two sisters into the same bed during a masquerade party. Things inevitably go awry and Paul is left blue-balled and empty-handed. Returning to New York, he falls back into his own habits – with the help of models Mai Lin (UNVEILED), Tiffany Clark (SAME TIME EVERY YEAR), and Lisa Cintrice (DEBBIE DOES DALLAS PART II) –just as the two sisters are deciding whether to give his idea a go.

A frothy effort from Fred J. Lincoln shot in Paris and New York – the latter mostly represented by a handful of outdoor photoshoots as Gillis photographs models rubbing up against lamp posts and trees amidst onlookers while the interiors were shot in New York (a la Radley Metzger's THE IMAGE) – THAT'S OUTRAGEOUS probably would not be anything special had it been entirely situated on this side of the pond. Speaking thickly-accented English and subtitled French, Lomay and Natasha are both striking and exotic enough for Lincoln and DP Jaio Fernandes (under his usual "Harry Flecks" pseudonym and assisted by someone named "Fstop Fitzgerald") to give the film somewhat of a Just Jaeckin sheen to the film's look (especially evident in the artful climactic sequence in which an incestuous lesbian exploration takes place between the sisters in their imaginations with the actresses doubled and quadrupled in their poses and movements by a mirrored floor). The costume party set-piece of the film was shot in New York's BDSM sex club The Hellfire Club with the party guests played by writers, photographers, and editors from the likes of Hustler, Oui, Stag, Chic, Video X, and High Society. Of the Paris sequences, that may or may not be Lomay's fellow Eurocine actor Antonio Mayans (ZOMBIE LAKE) ducking his head as soon as he enters the frame as a waiter in a restaurant scene. While one wishes that Lincoln would have exploited the Parisian setting of the film more fully, THAT'S OUTRAGEOUS remains an entertaining diversion from the usual San Francisco- and Los Angeles-set films of the period.

Previously released on VHS by Cabellero and DVD by Alpha Blue Archives, THAT'S OUTRAGEOUS comes to Vinegar Syndrome DVD in a gorgeous 2K-mastered scan of the original 35mm camera negative. The progressive, anamorphic 1.78:1 widescreen transfer is sharp and colorful with some diffusion evident in a couple fantasy sequences. The Dolby Digital 1.0 track cleanly conveys the dialogue and the film's musical accompaniment including the theme song and some soft rock song selections). The French dialogue is translated with optional English subtitles. Extras include an interview with actor John Mozzer AKA Alan Adrian who only appeared as an extra during the party sequence but had previously worked with Lincoln in EVERY MAN'S FANTASY. He reveals that Lincoln appeared unaware of the distinctions in BDSM and that he was surprised when the director asked him if he could "pretend" like he was enjoying playing the submissive in a sex scene with Tiffany Clark. Of THAT'S OUTRAGEOUS, he reveals that the party sequence was an effort to cross-promote the film in the magazines of the people invited using their own photographs (some of which are included in the disc's photo gallery with a number of them featuring Mozzer). He does not discuss either film in detail but does reveal that he had been roommates with Lisa Cintrice in Brooklyn while she was on the editorial staff of Oui, and that he had also shared an apartment in San Francisco with Jamie Gillis during his efforts to be a bicoastal performer as recommended by others in the industry. (Eric Cotenas)