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Synapse Films/Ban 1 Productions

Ban 1 Productions has proven themselves to be the new innovators in trailer DVDs, with their two previous 42ND STREET FOREVER discs and the essential SMUT PALACE INSANITY. They have finally jumped back into the game with a VOL. 2 in their FOREVER series, and while it has a number of trailers that simply would have never played on 42nd Street, it’s a great sampling of a variety of genres for fans of outsider cinema.

MS. 45 – Abel Ferrara’s incredible rape-revenge film is a 42nd street masterpiece, filled with nasty sex, over-the-top violence, and a sleazy atmosphere that only New York City circa 1981 could offer. The late Zoe Tamerlis gives her career performance as a mute woman who is raped not once, but twice before she finally snaps, kills her final rapist, and goes on a spree throughout the city, decked in black, offing street thugs. The finale featuring her in a nun’s habit shooting up a disco must be seen to be believed. For some interesting tidbits about Zoe Tamerlis and her involvement with the film, check out Did you know she was 17 when she did this film? You do now! Plenty of good info here, including Abel Ferrara interviews and background info on Zoe’s inspiration for her performance.

THE BORN LOSERS – The first Billy Jack film doesn’t give any sign of the phenomenon Tom Laughlin would create with his 1971 film BILLY JACK. This looks to be your standard biker film, with greasy unshaven degenerates running rampant in a small town, but you also get Billy Jack’s token karate fights and some adorable damsels in distress. Very exciting and recommended biker action! Available on DVD as a stand-alone release or part of the must-own BILLY JACK COLLECTION.

ROLLING THUNDER – Wow what an amazing film! William Devane gives one of his typically intense performances as a Vietnam vet who seeks violent revenge for the murder of his wife and son at the hands of a group of bastards after his bag of silver dollars. Tommy Lee Jones co-stars as Devane’s wartime pal accomplice. Devane undergoes severe pain-threshold training, has his hand pushed into a garbage disposal, resulting in a hook hand, and dresses like Robert de Niro in TAXI DRIVER (screenwriter Paul Schrader wrote both films) to exact his vengeance. A dark, vicious movie screaming for a DVD release! MGM owns this, but who knows if this will ever come out on the digital format.

DIXIE DYNAMITE – A PG Lee Frost film? Yep, and it’s not that good. Two buxom women take over their dead father’s moonshine still and destroy the competitor responsible for his death using their sexy wiles and their trusty packs of dynamite. There are some exciting chase scenes, plenty of explosions, greasy villains, dirt bike racing, some brief nudity, character actor favorites Warren Oates and Christopher George, and Frost’s regular producer Wes Bishop. Only in the 1970s could this Southern-fried action cheapie have made a killing at the box office. Available on DVD from VCI.

HELL’S ANGELS ON WHEELS – Here is one of the most boring and uninteresting biker films I’ve seen. Jack Nicholson stars as a rebellious gas station attendant who falls into a rough biker gang and comes between the leader and his girlfriend. It’s nothing special, with your usual partying and shenanigans. Underrated Adam Roarke is the leader of the pack. Recognize that library music? Most of it appeared in Russ Meyer’s FASTER PUSSYCAT two years earlier. Available on DVD from Image.

THE HELLCATS – A perfect case of the trailer being ten times better than the film, which was so bad it was featured on “Mystery Science Theater 3000” and produced one of the most boring episodes of that wonderful series. Unlike the great SHE-DEVILS ON WHEELS, the nasty biker chicks in this film (including the one-eyed, patch-wearing Rita and chain-wielding Candy) aren’t the main focus. Biker film royalty Ross Hagen stars. Enjoy this action-packed trailer and skip the feature.

DRAGSTRIP RIOT - This black and white trailer wouldn’t have played the Deuce in its heyday, so it’s strange to see it included here. Square teens dancing at the local juke joint, Gary Clarke as a died-blonde hero, a half-hearted catfight, lots of drag racing, and some fistfights may make this an interesting 1950s curio. KING KONG star Fay Wray co-stars as Clarke’s mother.

STINGRAY – This peculiar mix of comedy and fast-car action looks like great fun! Chris Mitchum and his pal Les Lannom buy a car that turns out to be a hot car wanted by a gang of robbers who hid their loot in the trunk! Plenty of heartstopping car chases and stunts clash with genuinely funny comic one-liners and characters. If you liked DIRTY MARY, CRAZY LARRY and GRAND THEFT AUTO, this is a sure bet for entertainment!

VAN NUYS BLVD. – An ill-advised 1970s updating of AMERICAN GRAFFITI just doesn’t work. It feels like a travelogue, which is great for time capsule fans who want to see Southern California during its heyday, but none of the characters are that interesting so you don’t care about which couples will work out or the adventures they find themselves in. The best part of the film is unsung starlet Tara Strohmeier (HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD), in a too brief role as a sexy carhop. This would be her last film. Watch THE POM POM GIRLS instead, a nostalgic look at young people in California during the late 1970s, and a more honest, funny approach to similar subject matter. Recently released on DVD paired with the completely unrelated LITTLE LAURA AND BIG JOHN.

BURNOUT – The beginning of the trailer plays like a documentary of drag racing, with way too much car and racing footage for my tastes. Plot? Surely you jest! A young guy wants to drag race without his dad’s help. Do we care? With the abysmal acting, it’s obvious the reason the movie was even financed was because of the opportunity for plentiful racetrack scenes. If you’re a fan of this kind of thing, you’d love the movie, especially its documentary style putting you right into the action, but if by now you’re tired of trailers about cars, you’ll skip forward.

DIRT - OK, now this is just getting ridiculous: this trailer tries to paint daring drivers as “knights of our time”. This documentary is kind of different and interesting because it focuses on some interesting characters, including swamp buggy drivers in Florida and a female dirt bike racer. But this looks like a good double feature with BURNOUT, with an abundance of in-the-action photography.

SAVAGE – Finally we leave the block of race car trailers to enter the kitschy world of blaxploitation! Shot entirely in the Philippines by the country’s favorite exploiteer, Cirio Santiago, James Inglehart (BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS) stars as a Peace Corps officer thrown into a jungle revolution. Carol Speed co-stars as his girlfriend who joins the battle, and “Hullabaloo” cage dancer Lada Edmund, Jr. is a blonde spitfire who throws knives with relish. Plenty of Filipino extras being set on fire and being machine gunned down, as usual in films shot in the country, Speed wielding a machete, and muscle-bound Inglehart pummeling bad guys single-handedly. New World released this classic, and one wonders if that means Buena Vista bought this in their bulk purchase of many of the studio’s films.

KENNER – An obscure Jim Brown action film shot on-location in India. Tough to tell what it’s about, but it features hypnosis and meditation, Brown kicking plenty of ass on the streets, surprising stuntwork including Brown climbing buildings, and a little romance thrown in for good measure. MGM released this impressive-looking feature.

TICK…TICK…TICK – Smells like IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT to me, but just different enough to look like a must-watch. Jim Brown is the new black sheriff in a Southern town overflowing with racism and hatred. George Kennedy is the white sheriff kicked out of office, and bitter as hell about it, Lynn Carlin (DEATHDREAM) is his wife, and Bernie Casey is a black deputy; old-time Hollywood star Fredric March looks terrible as the mayor. MGM released this one as well (did they have Jim Brown under contract?). This reminds me of THE KLANSMAN, another similar racy big-studio release quite hard to see uncut today.

TAKE A HARD RIDE – This wonderful western looks like an American production, but is in fact a spaghetti production from director Antonio Margheriti. A varied group of people go after a huge sum of money being carried by Jim Brown in the Old West, including prostitute Catherine Spaak (THE LIBERTINE) and bounty hunter Lee Van Cleef (the king of spaghetti westerns). In an interesting mix of blaxploitation and cowboy operas, Fred “The Hammer” and Jim “Black Belt Jones” Kelly co-star, as a gambler and a half-breed, respectively. Old Hollywood appears in the shape of Barry Sullivan and Dana Andrews in this action-packed, money-hungry adventure. Highly recommended! Anchor Bay recently released this on DVD leased from 20th-Century Fox.

BLACK SAMSON – Another big-studio cash-in on the black film rage! A towering black club owner, always dressed in tribal African garb and with a pet lion, faces pressure from white mobsters in your typical soul-brother-vs.-the-man storyline. He gets help from the local black community. The bad guys include B-movie tough man William Smith, Samson’s lady love is Carol Speed in another of her too few drive-in film appearances, and Smith’s beaten and bruised gal pal is Connie Strickland, a blonde beauty who only made a handful of films, all of them cult classics. It is doubtful Warner Brothers will release this on DVD anytime soon.

THE GUY FROM HARLEM – This, ladies and gentlemen, is the best trailer on the entire DVD! Great fake gun battles, tacky karate chops and fistfights with terrible blocking and unenthusiastic fighters, outrageous dialogue, gratuitous nudity, and a bargain basement soul theme song make this a must-see! Too bad the trailer is so short.

SUGAR HILL – Another mandatory watch for fans of black horror films of the 1970s. A voodoo priestess avenges her brother’s death at the hands of white gangsters by resurrecting white-eyed killer zombies to do her bidding. Star Marki Bey only made a few drive-in films, most notably Arthur Marks’ very obscure THE ROOMMATES (she also shot inserts for CLASS OF 74 at the same time), before moving on to plentiful TV guest shots and disappearing. Don Pedro Colley is memorable as Baron Samedi, and the zombies themselves are pretty terrifying! Somehow MGM never released this PG horror classic as a Midnite Movie from their AIP library, but there may still be hope in the hands of Fox…we can hope…

WHEN WOMEN HAD TAILS – The Italian film industry spawned countless sex comedies in the 1970s, but this one of the most successful It was a big hit in the U.S., and its sequels, including WHEN WOMEN PLAYED DING-DONG, were equally as successful. Senta Berger is the red-headed star, and believe it or not, some parts are funny.

I, A WOMAN – Essy Persson is one of the most underrated Swedish sex starlets of the 1960s, and this was the film that introduced her to the world. She was a wonderful actress, with a mesmerizingly beautiful face and soulful eyes, and here she plays Siv, a sexually adventurous young Swedish girl who recounts her misadventures. Radley Metzger distributed this, one of several excellent foreign features he imported for his Audubon Releasing company. Director Mac Ahlberg would graduate from softcore to hardcore to drive-in features to mainstream work.

THE CURIOUS FEMALE – This colorful sexploitation oddity is a surprisingly good-looking, modestly-budgeted exploitation film! You’ll recognize Angelique Pettyjohn as “Susan, the teasing bitch” among the plentiful lovely ladies on display. In the future, a computer service run by Michael Greer (THE GAY DECEIVERS) arranges sexual liaisons between consenting adults, but finding a virgin is the ultimate trip. The sci-fi angle isn’t as prevalent as the trailer alludes to, but there’s plenty of garish psychedelic lighting and costuming, non-stop nudity and beautiful women, and some funny gags.

THE BABYSITTER – Blonde nymph Patty Wymer, who only made three films and has developed a small cult following recently, stars as Candy, the sexually provocative babysitter who kickstarts an affair with one of her older married clients, but has an ulterior motive in store for him. Watch for ALICE IN ACIDLAND star Sheri Jackson (billed in that film and others as “Colleen Murphy”) making lesbian moves on Candy!! BILLY JACK himself, Tom Laughlin, directed this one!! BCI Eclipse, who just licensed the Crown-International Library, should release this on DVD pronto!

STREET GIRLS – In the world of sexploitation, this is an odd film, very sleazy and raw-looking, shot almost entirely on the street and in sordid apartments and starring no-name topless girls. Before he hit it big with DINER, Barry Levinson co-wrote this tale of prostitution. Amidst all the nudity and sex is a thoughtful story of two young girls in love and their battle with their pimp.

COLLEGE GIRLS – The late Stephen Apostolof specialized in all-sex films, with threadbare plots serving as clotheslines to hang plentiful sex scenes that bordered on hardcore. Always well-shot and featuring the most beautiful girls in California, this is one of his better films, shot in black-and-white and including some light kink and voyeurism. I was shocked at the scene of a boys’ shower room with lots of bare butts! Male nudity in sexploitation? Almost unheard of! Marsha Jordan is the name female star, and Forman Shane appears as a fraternity pledge.

THE POM POM GIRLS – The trailer sells this as your standard T&A flick, but it’s actually much more special and unique than that. It spotlights a group of friends in the senior class at Rosedale High in Southern California. Unlike other exploitation films of the 1970s, the female characters are wonderfully written, independent women, allowing talented starlets like Cheryl “Rainbeaux” Smith, Jennifer Ashley, Lisa Reeves, Susan Player, and Diane Lee Hart to prove themselves. Robert Carradine, in his gawky drive-in phase, looks to be having great fun in this goofy comedy. VAN NUYS BLVD star Bill Adler figures into a senior cafeteria food fight, giving the showstopper in REVENGE OF THE CHEERLEADERS a run for its money! Recently released by BCI as a double feature with THE VAN, a highly recommended memory lane disc.

HELGA – One of many classic trailers refusing to show footage from the film, instead relying on interviews with people on the street about sex education. The film itself is about a teenage who becomes pregnant, and features a real-life childbirth sequence. 1967 is late for a roadshow film like this, but the trailer is pretty fascinating, even if the film itself isn’t. Coming soon from Code Red.

INVITATION TO RUIN – If you’ve never seen a Bob Cresse film, this is a good place to start, as it illustrates his obsession with torturing women beautifully. Opening with a scene of the monstrous Mama Lupo applying a hot wooden poker to the naked body of a bruised blonde strung up by her wrists, this is one of the most brutal California sexploitation films of the 1960s. A gigolo is hired to lure beautiful unsuspecting women into a local white slavery ring; the lovely victims are held in a dungeon and tortured by Mama Lupo, a lesbian sadist who tutors them in the ways of love. Cresse directed this under his pseudonym Kurt Richter (shades of Nazism). Alpha Blue offers the XXX version, THE INVITATION, filled with inserts and with an all-new framing device, making this heavily-plotted feature even more hard to follow, and Something Weird offers the original from a badly beat up print.

PICKUP – Another obscure Crown-International film featuring a beautiful hitchhiker in Florida who finds her teasing can lead to gang rape at the hands of hillbilly locals. The teenage boy in the woodland love scene looks all of 14 years old (!), which is kind of repellent, and there’s plenty of nudity and frolicking in the wilderness. BCI should release this on DVD soon, too!

DELINQUENT SCHOOLGIRLS – The trailer for this film is great, but the movie itself isn’t as exciting or sexy. Three mental patients escape from the loony bin and hide out at a nearby girls’ school. All three of the actors playing the patients are cult icons: Michael Pataki starred in plenty of drive-in flicks, from THE SIDEHACKERS to GRAVE OF THE VAMPIRE, and directed the best adult fairy tale film of all time, CINDERELLA starring Cheryl “Rainbeaux” Smith; hunky bodybuilder Bob Minor is a stuntman superstar, working on films as varied as COFFY, THE SEVEN MINUTES, and THE BEASTMASTER (this man should write a book!); and Stephen Stucker was best-known as the gay air traffic controller in AIRPLANE! before he died of AIDS in 1986. The most noteworthy female star is Sharon Kelly as a redheaded karate expert, but she is barely in the trailer. Large-breasted mens’ magazine model Roberta Pedon also appears as one of the titular schoolgirls. Cinematography by Louis Horvath is superb, and director Greg Corarito did better films like WANDA THE SADISTIC HYPNOTIST and THE HARD ROAD.

SAVAGE SISTERS – OH My God! Why isn’t this on DVD yet?? It’s languishing in the MGM/AIP library in Fox’s hands now, but watch this trailer and tell me the movie can’t possibly be as good! Cheri Caffaro (GINGER) and Gloria Hendry (BLACK BELT JONES) are two of the three Savage Sisters, in a Filipino prison before escaping to track down hidden cash in the middle of yet another jungle revolution. Lots of girls with guns, violent shoot-outs, revealing clothing, and exploitation madness in this hard-to-see drive-in classic!

THE FEMALE JUNGLE – Another “why is this here?” trailer, as it’s a 1954 film and the golden age of 42nd Street didn’t really begin until the mid-1960s. Though she’s only in a few scenes, Jayne Mansfield is hailed as the star of the film. In reality, Lawrence Tierney stars as an alcoholic cop who investigates the murder of a blonde actress for which he is a suspect. John Carradine is another suspect. Director Bruno VeSota is better known for his acting in Roger Corman films. Released on DVD in the UK, but has yet to hit the format on these shores. Too bad, it looks like a great low-rent film noir.

GIGANTIS THE FIRE MONSTER – This is a Godzilla film, but was retitled in the U.S. for two rumored reasons (Warner Brothers either didn’t get permission from Toho to use the Godzilla name, or the American producer wanted to introduce a new monster to audiences). It’s a much better film than the later 1970s Godzilla films, but still feels rushed and is not as good as GODZILLA VS. MOTHRA, the third Godzilla film. Plenty of miniature buildings being crashed and monster fighting to please monster fanatics. Also known as GODZILLA RAIDS AGAIN.

THE GIANT GILA MONSTER – A fine trailer for a lousy, boring Texas-based giant monster film. Don Sullivan as a local teen mechanic who sings maudlin tunes and has a French exchange student girlfriend is the hero, who saves the day after singing at a high school dance. The Gila monster effects are hilarious, as it stomps around a giant set, completely unaware of being the star of a film. Great preview, terrible movie. Available on DVD from several outlets, but the preferred version, if you care, is from Image/Wade Williams.

HIDEOUS SUN DEMON – Another classic 1950s monster movie with Robert Clarke as a scientist who becomes a lizard when exposed to the rays of the sun. Ultra-cheap, with a highlighted scene of Clarke transforming while fighting a man outdoors as a blonde woman from an apartment building above looks IN THE SKY and acts terrified. Image/Wade Williams released another good-looking DVD of this one, a recommended creature feature.

THE MONSTER OF PIEDRAS BLANCAS – Any trailer that opens with the Famous Monsters of Filmland Shock Award-winner label means this should be a winner, right? I’ve heard mixed reviews, though the monster in this film is a pretty impressive creature and some violent beheadings help this one stand out from the usual 1950s sea monster trash.

MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE – This 1971 horror film has been the recipient of rave reviews recently, thanks to MGM’s restored version that appeared on DVD, but despite its stylishness, is still too boring and confusing. I can’t imagine how it played in its abbreviated form in its original theatrical run. The cast is great, though, especially Lilli Palmer in a brief cameo role and Maria Perschy. Jason Robards is woefully miscast, though.

THE WOMAN EATER – A British monster movie with a great poster and trailer, and the movie itself isn’t too terrible. A mad scientist steals a man-eating plant from a tribe in the Amazon and sacrifices women to it so it can produce a serum to resurrect the dead. Quite bizarre storyline, and the effects could be better, but this surprisingly fun little curio is available on DVD from Image (or used to be, it might be out of print).

THE DARK – A thoroughly confusing sci-fi/horror hybrid with a great cast, goofy effects, and some memorable moments in-between a lot of boredom. A mystery killer stalks women at night, and it turns out to be an alien with laser ray eyes. Huh? Director John “Bud” Cardos replaced drug casualty Tobe Hooper at the last minute, which explains why the movie feels patched-together and almost unfinished in spots. Media Blasters released this as a special edition, but one wonders why it deserved such lavish treatment.

THE EVIL – The 1970s saw a number of haunted house films, with varying success. The best is probably THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE and BURNT OFFERINGS isn’t too bad, and this one is an acceptable genre entry. A couple and their friends are trapped in their new house, an ancient place of unspeakable evil, and are picked off by supernatural forces that may be the work of the Devil himself. Some great spooky moments and special effects, a cast of interesting characters, and a bizarre ending make this an easy one to recommend. One wonders why this isn’t on DVD yet?

THE EVICTORS – Jessica Harper (SUSPIRIA) stars in this story of a married couple who discover their new house in a small town has an evil past that threatens their lives in the present. The director of this one did the pretty good TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN as well as the dreadful BOGGY CREEK films. I would love to see this one, obviously, but it remains pretty obscure. MGM has this in their library.

DEADLY BLESSING – The single most underrated Wes Craven film, this also was the last good film he did before NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET resurrected his career. A rural Hitite community kills a defector from their sect and threatens his widow and her two best friends as they are left to fend for themselves. Sharon Stone gives one of her only good performances, and figures into one of the most memorable and startling scenes featuring a spider in a horror film. Filled with superb chills, bizarre set-pieces, and three beautiful damsels-in-distress, this should be on DVD as well.

RABID – David Cronenberg’s horror follow-up to his promising SHIVERS isn’t as good, but is unique in that it stars Marilyn Chambers in her first bid for mainstream success. She gives a very good performance, not Georgina Spelvin quality, mind you, but good enough to have continued getting non-XXX work. Cronenberg continues his fascination with disease and sex as Chambers undergoes a skin-graft experiment and soon after develops a thirst for blood, soon spreading a deadly strain of rabies. Violence, car crashes, and murders ensue. Available as a special edition DVD from Sommerville House, though it looks pretty lousy.

THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE – One of the best horror films of the 1970s, bar none. Dark Sky Films just released the two-disc Special Edition which is the definitive version. Nothing more to say, really, except that even the trailer would give someone nightmares.

THE CLONES – What a boring trailer! If the idea of endless scrolls and narration sounds like a great way to sell a movie, think again. There’s a reason this movie didn’t do well (as a matter of fact, cloning in general has historically been box office poison). The one interesting aspect of this film is that it was directed by Paul Hunt, who has a vast history in sexploitation.

MR. BILLION - Now this is a great trailer! It’s highlighted by a song that tells the entire story of the movie: a handsome guy is willed a fortune by his uncle and must trek cross-country to claim the money, with money-hungry thugs after him, hoping to kill him before he gets there. Terence Hill stars in this PG action film. I doubt the movie lives up to the preview, but this is a classic!

SPY IN YOUR EYE - Lots of knife-throwing in this spy spoof, with a glass eye containing a camera embedded in a super secret agent. Brett Halsey (before he deigned to work for Fulci in the 1980s) is the star, the late Pier Angeli is the female lead, and Dana Andrews is slumming again in this Italian production.

THE LAST OF THE SECRET AGENTS? – Damn James Bond and The Man from U.N.C.L.E.! Because of the success of both “men”, an entire genre was developed, with endless spy films and, even worse, spy spoofs attacking the box office. This is another yuck-yuck comedy, with two bumbling comedians acting as spies, and Nancy Sinatra as the female lead (she also sings the theme song). You know a non-Elvis movie with Nancy Sinatra as the love interest is bound to be terrible. Edy Williams appears here, too, before her Russ Meyer stardom.

TRUNK TO CAIRO – Yes, another spy trailer. This one promises “exotic places” and “exotic adventures”. The most interesting part of this film is George Sanders as another villain around the same time he was slumming in Franco’s GIRL FROM RIO.

KISS THE GIRLS AND MAKE THEM DIE – Mike “Mannix” Connors stars in this secret agent flick filled with beautiful women, including Margaret Lee, Marilu Tolo, and Dorothy Provine. Some eye-popping sets and scenes look more interesting than most films of this never-ending genre.

AMAZONS OF ROME, SAMSON AND THE SLAVE QUEEN, REVOLT OF THE SLAVES, THE REVENGE OF THE GLADIATORS – These four peplum trailers definitely don’t belong on here, but if you like musclemen andancient Romans, then feel free to watch these. Otherwise, skip to the last two excellent trailers on the disc:

SHOGUN ASSASSIN – Edited together from two LONE WOLF AND CUB films, this film is jam-packed with violence and action, and quickly became a 42nd Street favorite. A royal assassin defects and wanders Japan with his infant son in a cart, working for hire and encountering a variety of worthy opponents. Blood spurts in gallons, the baby’s cart is armed with knives to cut enemies’ feet, and amidst all the incredible violence is a great story of a man and his son. For the full effect, I would recommend purchasing the entire LONE WOLF AND CUB collection from AnimEigo!!

SKATETOWN USA – Sure, ROLLER BOOGIE’s on DVD, but this one couldn’t possibly come out…could it? One would hope so, because this trailer is the kind of kitschy 1970s trash that makes cult film fans weep with joy. Opening with a mundane scene of a girl skating down a suburban sidewalk, we finally cut to when skating was “happening” (i.e., 1979) and hear non-stop disco music as a typical romance is acted out at the local roller rink. Flip Wilson is the DJ, Ruth Buzzi offers ridiculous comic relief, Scott Baio is a young rollerskating stud, and Patrick Swayze is the dark bad guy who challenges our hero to a skating duel. See it to believe it! I bet the soundtrack LP goes for top dollar these days. I would be totally impressed with Sony if they put this out on DVD, but clearing the soundtrack today might be pricey.

In the end, 42ND STREET FOREVER VOL. 2 isn’t as non-stop entertaining as its predecessors, but is definitely a mandatory addition to the shelf of any self-respecting cult film fan. Recommended! (Casey Scott)