Directors: Gordon Heller and Don Davis
Something Weird Video/Image Entertainment

In addition to his plentiful borderline-hardcore 1970s films, distributor Harry Novak also holds a vast array of obscure sleaze oddities from the swinging 1960s in his vaults. Two I’m sure most have never heard of, let alone seen, are FREE LOVE CONFIDENTIAL and FOR SINGLE SWINGERS ONLY, coupled here on this Swinging Double Feature disc. While they don’t have the big-name pedigree of films like PLEASE DON’T EAT MY MOTHER or SASSY SUE, CONFIDENTIAL is a budding cult classic waiting to happen while SWINGERS is the (mildly disappointing) DVD debut of a Don Davis sexploitation relic!

Blonde bombshell Kaye has grown tired of her mundane marriage to her businessman husband Fred. The workaholic brushes off her nighttime seduction attempts, and ignores her as she lounges by the pool in a revealing bikini. Desperate for some kicks, Kaye goes out on the town with her wild best friend Giselle, “that dizzy French broad” who Fred disapproves of. The two beauties find their fun for the day when they answer an ad in an underground newspaper looking for photographers’ models. Once Robin, the photographer, rolls a few joints, our heroines throw caution to the wind, drop their tops, dance wildly for the camera, and tag-team the lucky fellow in the sack. He gives them the roll of film on which the incriminating activities have been preserved, but to the girls’ horror, it’s a blank roll! Tracking down the evidence turns out to be tougher than they imagined when they become the submissive sex partners of Mickey, a bull dyke in sunglasses and leather who threatens to sell the photos. Mickey demands $500 for the film, leading the girls on a wild goose chase to raise the dough. However, even when they do manage to come up with the cash, their adventure isn’t over when they arrive at the Club Mojo to deliver the money and find themselves in the middle of a wild LSD orgy!

Yet another unsung cult classic waiting to be discovered by sexploitation fiends, FREE LOVE CONFIDENTIAL is deliciously filthy fun and that’s kind of surprising considering that most kinky treats in the genre were coming out of New York around this time (with the exception of Bob Cresse and David Friedman’s whipping-obsessed films). The moral of the story: don’t ignore your sexpot wife or she’ll get herself into trouble, but along the way, enjoy the plentiful nudity and wild scenarios director Gordon Heller throws your way. The plot twist of transforming the villain from a giggling pothead photographer to a towering butch lesbian in leather is unique and unexpected. Mickey is the real star of the film, with her deep booming voice and giant blonde hairdo, and her show-stopping dance routine at the Club Mojo, dressed in a zebra-print shirt, leather pants and boots, and brandishing a whip, is marvelous. Karen Miller and Yvette Corday are beautiful, shapely leading ladies, and actually do a fine job in the acting department as well. The stark black-and-white photography is quite marvelous and surprisingly professional-looking, and be sure to watch for some attractive lighting effects during the LSD sequence. All in all, FREE LOVE CONFIDENTIAL is a great way to spend 66 minutes of your life, and a valuable time capsule film packed with sexy women, drugs, and kinky shenanigans, capped off with a superb twist ending. Highly recommended!!

It’s about time one of Don Davis’ sexploitation films hit DVD! Something Weird previously released his swan song, SWAMP GIRL, on DVD, but they have yet to tape into his wonderful sex epics, usually starring muse Marsha Jordan (HER ODD TASTES, MARSHA THE EROTIC HOUSEWIFE, THE MUTHERS, THE GOLDEN BOX, probably her very best films). FOR SINGLE SWINGERS ONLY isn’t the best introduction to his oeuvre, and its lack of plot and overabundance of sex scenes brings to mind the work of the late Stephen Apostolof (who also spotlighted Marsha Jordan in his films). In fact, this may be Davis’ worst film in SWV’s catalog. But it’s an interesting companion piece to CONFIDENTIAL.

Scandinavian blonde Gracie and her brunette comic relief girlfriend Gloria notice an ad in the paper for an apartment complex “for single swingers only” (up front, eh?), so of course have to investigate. They meet Arty and Dave, two lecherous pervs who girl-watch all day, Ruth, the busty red-headed landlady who doesn’t hide her lesbianism and love for peeping in her tenants’ windows, and healthy nudist Connie, who is never seen with her clothes on (she has a wonderful pair of breasts the camera loves).

Unlike Don Davis’ other films, FOR SINGLE SWINGERS ONLY has a threadbare plot on which to hang non-stop nude and sex scenes. This is the epitome of the weekend wonder, obviously shot for pennies in a local motel posing as an apartment complex. You get two long shower scenes, lots of extended scenes of people unpacking, walking around their apartments, or sitting around naked, somehow ballooning the running time of this thing to 68 minutes. It fits well on this double feature, considering we follow two more young women having sexual shenanigans in the free love 1960s, but unfortunately has little to recommend about it. Skip this one and give FREE LOVE CONFIDENTIAL another spin.

FREE LOVE CONFIDENTIAL is transferred from the original negative, and though some scenes are quite dark and murky, the majority of the image is clean and bright, with sharp contrasts. SINGLE SWINGERS comes from a colorful 35mm print, with some print jumps eliminating dialogue near the opening of the film and instances of lines, red “dust bunnies”, and print debris visible, but color is generally good and watchable.

Venture into the trailer vault for previews of more swinging sex classicks of the 1960s! The trailer for FREE LOVE CONFIDENTIAL does a great job highlighting the sexy adventures of Kay and Giselle (no trailer exists for FOR SINGLE SWINGERS ONLY). DIARY OF A SWINGER is my vote for best Amero Brothers film. Joanna Cunningham (also known as Rita Bennett in other films), with her piercing eyes and snarling lips, is a country girl who becomes a prostitute in the big city. She slits her wrists in the sink in an act of desperation, in a scene I don’t recall seeing in other trailers of this title. Scenes from this appeared in the Ameros’ THE LUSTING HOURS, but be sure to check out the whole film. It’s one of the best New York sexploitation films. THE GAMES PEOPLE PLAY is a lost Sande Johnsen film notable for co-starring Eileen Scott, aka Eileen Dietz (THE EXORCIST), who was also in Johnsen’s TEENAGE GANG DEBS! You should also recognize Cherie Winters (PASSION IN HOT HOLLOWS). The acting is uniformly awful! INFIDELITY AMERICAN STYLE finds Barry Mahon ripping off Sarno’s SIN IN THE SUBURBS with a bizarre sex cult infiltrating suburbia. A woman is held down by caped women and whipped, and another woman in an exotic headdress is strangled. It’s too bad this one is currently lost, it looks quite entertaining! Watch for “Cleo Nova”, aka the sensational Peggy Steffans, in a love scene, as well as Sarno favorite Joanna Mills. Gotta love that jazzy library music familiar from CONFESSIONS OF A PSYCHO CAT! MATINEE WIVES is a drastically underrated 1970s sexploitation film, and remains one of the two finest Barbara Mills vehicles ever made (the other, for reference’s sake, is THE LOVE GARDEN). Lithe brunette Mills is an American sweetheart dream come true, and she co-stars with alluring European blonde Allessanora as two housewives who turn tricks for fun. Male lead Stephen Threadwell was in Ron Sullivan’s New York-shot THE BIZARRE ONES a few years earlier, and exotic dancer Jennie Lynn (GETTING INTO HEAVEN) performs her routine. Redheaded Christine Murray was a popular leading lady in classics such as TRADER HORNEE and JOYS OF JEZEBEL. Something Weird offers this on VHS and DVD-R, and it’s a highly recommended purchase!! RUN SWINGER RUN is yet another Barry Mahon no-budget wonder that is actually one of Mahon’s better films (but it’s still far from a classic). A paid killer with a sniper rifle stalks a prostitute who knows too much about the syndicate. It’s available from Something Weird. THE SINGLES is a black-and-white classic. Once again, gotta love that library music from countless films, including A WEEKEND WITH STRANGERS. Popular sexploitation sisters Darlene and Dawn Bennett star in this futuristic, ambitious production with a computer system producing dream girls for clients looking for the perfect sexual experience. Who knows where this one is now? Too bad, it would make a good companion piece to the similar ELECTRONIC LOVER. STRANGE RAMPAGE is an insane Florida wonder starring two of my favorite unsung starlets, Bunny Ware and Ann Howe. Howe is a large-breasted blonde who performs on-stage; Ware is an import from New York, complete with squawkbox accent. This is a wild film worth tracking down, and one of the better skinflicks to come out of FL in the 60s. SUBURBAN WIVES is a whacky British sex comedy directed by Derek Ford, the man responsible for adult film classic DIVERSIONS. This features a similar visually stimulating style, with beautiful women in unique scenarios and a vivid color scheme. Some parts are genuinely funny! THE SWAP AND HOW THEY MAKE IT is one of Joe Sarno’s best 1960s films, with his favorite performers of the era (Peggy Steffans, Lorraine Claire, Sheila Britt, Joanna Mills) and several other regulars of the genre, including Monica Davis and TEENAGE GANG DEBS’ Thomas Andrisano. My vote for favorite Sarno muse will probably always go to Lorraine Claire, a beautiful, natural actress who played a wide variety of characters for the director, and never missed a note in any of her performances. This film is available on a Sarno double feature DVD, and features an incredible rock theme. SWEDISH WIFE EXCHANGE is (you guessed it) a European film, actually German. You will recognize Sybil Danning, in her Sybil Danninger days, as one of the wives. Interestingly, the film features new American-shot inserts with couples having energetic sex scenes on exercise bikes and swings; one man runs up the stairs while his wife straddles him during intercourse! This one looks very sexy, and most likely tough to find in this American version. UNHOLY MATRIMONY stars a personal fetish figure of mine, Uta Erickson, in this tale of swinging couples experimenting with LSD and bondage. Monica Davis (THE SWAP) and Barbi Kemp (ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER MAN) co-star. THE WARM, WARM BED wraps up this trailer collection with another Barry Mahon flick (boy did this guy love the swinging subgenre!). Ugly men go to bed with beautiful women, including an unidentified blonde I’ve seen in this trailer, as well as previews for UNHOLY MATRIMONY and THE SINGLES. Who is she?

Continuing with the supplements, a circa 1965 featurette, “Wife Swappers”, looks to be the last remaining footage of a feature film, but this can’t be confirmed. A group of goofy-looking couples go-go dance to twang guitar music on their turntable. It looks like a home movie or documentary, as we meet “Joe the feeler”, who has a habit of feeling up women at parties and a girl-watcher who eyes two Asian female party guests. Over roughly 40 minutes, the men and women eventually pair up. I didn’t recognize any of the cast, all of whom look to be genuine swingers, just your average everyday men and women (i.e., not very attractive). Two galleries of Harry Novak posters, pressbooks, and still photos conclude the disc. (Casey Scott)