Director: Alex DeRenzy
Vinegar Syndrome

Amputee porn has never looked finer in Vinegar Syndrome's remastered DVD special edition of Alex DeRenzy's LONG JEANNE SILVER.

Jeanne Silver is "handicapped and horny" and a "quirk of Mother Nature" has blessed her with a "dick bigger than John Holmes." Born with a missing fibula in her left leg, Silver's foot was amputated leaving behind a stump, the sexual usages of which are fully exploited here. The film is pretty much a series of loops introduced by Silver as examples of her typical sexual encounters and filmed rather clinically by DeRenzy (in his own home); which is just as well as the intent is to catalog the … rather than bust taboos like WATERPOWER or FEMMES DE SADE. Silver appears in threesomes with Joey Silvera (SEXWORLD) and Amber Hunt (CRY FOR CINDY), China Leigh (CHINA SISTERS) and Lori Blue (LITTLE GIRLS BLUE), and Sandy Pinney (BABYFACE) and Paul Thomas (FANTASY WORLD), as well as an encounter with a lesbian and a far more notorious one with a gay guy. The lesbian threesome stands out not so much because of any variation in the action – other than a double-sided dildo so no one feels left out – but because of a naturalistic-sounding conversation between the three about her stump as they page through her Cheri centerfold (although Silver reportedly rarely engaged in gomorrahy in her personal life or in other pornographic films).

Restored in 2K from an archival 16mm element, LONG JEANNE SILVER's single-layer, progressive, fullscreen transfer is blemish-free apart from the original negative splices which appear about two-thirds of the way down the picture at each shot change. The Dolby Digital 1.0 mono track has some minor hiss but is very clean. The presentation appears to be uncut with the usually-deleted encounter with the gay guy.

There is only one extra, but it is a major one: an audio commentary with star Jeanne Silver who recalls that she ran away from Arizona to New York and wound up on the streets. She was rescued from a pimp who tried to force her into prostitution by the husband of Kim Pope (THE LOVE OBJECT). When she would not prostitute for him, Pope's husband introduced her to Peter Wolf of Cheri magazine with whom she lived for a period before heading to the San Francisco at DeRenzy's invitation. She is hazy on details of the shoots but admits to taking a lot of MDA's, but she is frank about her sex life at the time, trolling bathhouses and often frustrated with the difficulty of finding partners on the west coast. She is more horrified by her hairstyle than the sex acts, but truly surprised at the scene with the gay guy, and also humorously recalls that her mother learned of the film through the doctor who worked on her prosthetic leg. She also discusses her work with Carter Stevens and Fred Lincoln. There are some digital glitches in the commentary, which was recorded over the telephone as Silver and her moderator watched copies that were not perfectly synchronized; but it's always nice to hear from a "survivor" of seventies XXX and Silver has certainly lead an interesting life. (Eric Cotenas)