Director: Carlos Tobalina
Vinegar Syndrome

Vinegar Syndrome gives the star William Margold with another Peekarama duo from Carlos Tobalina: LUST INFERNO and MARATHON.

Reverend Jerry who heals the lame and restores sight to the blind on live television with the help of a stable of actors. Although he enjoys S&M exorcism games regularly with hookers supplied by Madame Blanche (Lina Spencer, SORORITY SWEETHEARTS) – and pays well for ones that look (or are) underage – Jerry is strict with his family. He refuses the requests of his elder daughter Dora (Tamara Longley, CORPORATE ASSETS) for nice clothes and a Corvette, reminding her that although they are rich, they must live as though they were poor lest his flock realize he is fleecing them, and drives his wife (Rita Ricardo, THE GRAFENBERG SPOT) to frenzied masturbation since he regards sex as being for procreation only (although he doesn't mind blasting a load on her face occasionally). While Dora relieves the tension in poolside orgies with school friends of both sexes and her mother attends extremely touchy-feely-fucky encounter groups (with the likes of Gail Sterling, Don Fernando, and Herschel Savage), younger daughter Lucy (Marguerite Nuit, CARNAL OLYMPICS) is just discovering that her sisters dildos are not enough for her growing urges. Changing her look with a wig and ostentatious clothing, Lucy goes for an interview at Madame Blanche's and is shocked to discover that her pious father is a patron. When she refuses Jerry's escalating monetary offers, he takes it as a personal offense and has his thugs track her down so he can give her the "True Sword of the Lord" and unknowingly cements his place in hell with a shocking taboo-breaking act.

A number of Tobalina films do have a social "message" even if it often gets muddled (or muffled) in the sweaty crotches of their orgy participants. LUST INFERNO is Tobalina's screed against televangelists, the "self-proclaimed messengers of God" with Margold as ersatz Jim Bakker. Although it has some very effective moments with Margold reveling in his character's hypocrisy and throwing himself into the S&M scenes which are not as graphic visually as his seething misogynistic "Big Dick" monologues, Tobalina's intercutting of the frenzied masturbation and orgy scenes featuring the protagonist's wife and daughters registers not so much as character studies in repression so much as listless padding in between the film's major set-pieces. Of course, even what plot LUST INFERNO has to offer, it looks positively mainstream next to MARATHON in which Jamie Gillis throws an orgy and everyone comes! Tobalina regulars John Holmes, Mai Lin, Ron Jeremy, Don Fernando, Herschel Savage, Jesse Adams (ORIENTAL HAWAII), Sharon Mitchell (THE TAMING OF REBECCA), and others start off in the living room for a bit and then hit the bedroom (where Tobalina himself gets in on the hardcore action). When they discover that their friends William Margold and Drea (A TASTE OF CANDY) have been in a skiing accident and are laid up in the hospital, they take the orgy to intensive care. Despite all the undraped flesh and enthusiastic coupling, MARATHON is dreadfully dull and possibly the most tedious of his orgy films.

Scanned and restored in 2K from the original 35mm camera negatives, LUST INFERNO and MARATHON are bursting with vivid color and good detail (particularly in those nether region close-ups), but are once again subject to the flaws of the original cinematography like a vertical scratch that appears only in the encounter group orgy scenes. The Dolby Digital 1.0 tracks are in good condition with faint underlying hiss. Unusual for Tobalina releases, there are no trailers for either film; however, Margold appears on a commentary track for LUST INFERNO in which he muses on the "era of fur", Tobalina's issues with cultural and social mores, and laments that he was in his prime here just six months before a knee injury made it uncomfortable for him to engage in his favored doggy-style position. Margold's pets also make appearances during the track as well. (Eric Cotenas)