NY After Midnight/Blue Underground

After taking the classic adult film fan community by storm with MIDNIGHT BLUE: THE DEEP THROAT EDITION last year, NY After Midnight (an offshoot label of Blue Underground) returns with two more volumes to fill fans of the late-night public access show with orgasmic delight. VOL. 2, focusing on interviews with some of the most notorious and popular adult film stars of the decade, is the more desirable of the two, for its through-the-roof historic value, but VOL. 3, containing a great selection of the many mainstream celebrity interviews and exposes appearing on the show, holds some nice surprises for those wary of its non-porn content.


As with the DEEP THROAT disc, rather than present complete episodes, this 2-hour disc has been edited together from many different episodes spanning the 70s and even dipping into the 80s. The show opens with a warning to viewers that the show may not be for all viewers (no kidding!) and after a newly-created title sequence highlighting all the big porn names included, enjoy an incredible commercial for local strip joint The Adam & Eve Club (“Free Buffet!”).

Meet Marilyn Chambers, one of the first three major adult film stars of the porno chic movement (the other two were Linda Lovelace and Georgina Spelvin; Spelvin appears later on the program). This episode originally aired in 1977, during a time when Chambers wasn’t doing any film work (she plugs her two books and discusses plays and stage shows she performed in Las Vegas) and before she took her first mainstream role in Cronenberg’s RABID. By this time, she had married and was also being managed by Lovelace’s former manager, Chuck Traynor. She’s very articulate, discussing why she entered the business, confronting her incredible success, liking to meet her fans, her sex life and interest in S&M, and promoting her new play in New York City. In an interesting moment, she expresses disappointment that the Mitchell Brothers combined co-star interviews with outtakes and recycled scenes of her only two films up to that time (BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR and RESURRECTION OF EVE) to create a “new” film, INSIDE MARILYN CHAMBERS. She flirted back and forth with hardcore through the decade, with 1981’s INSATIABLE recognized as her “comeback film” (though she made two lesser Mitchell Brother films in 1979), and thereafter continued to retire and un-retire even as recently as 1999. A factoid track reveals the regular trivia about Chambers (the “Ivory Snow” ads, how she became popular), but not many people know that she ran for Vice President in 2004!

Following the interview, a cheesy scene finds Chambers meeting Tommy Bush, a black man on the street, and entering a building. They perform a nude ballet scene that looks to be directly ripped off from Damiano’s THE STORY OF JOANNA; full frontal male nudity alert! The whole sequence is like a discofied softcore version of her interracial scene in BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR with Johnny Keyes. Next, see a sex personals ad for some gal named Deborah and a TV-approved trailer for STORY OF JOANNA (some good trivia appears about star Terri Hall on the factoid track!).

Porno chic superstar Georgina Spelvin, called “the only real actress in pornography” (I’m sure Veronica Hart and Samantha Fox would disagree), is up next! She humbly denies this claim, showing a real class act. Spelvin was an unlikely adult film star in that she was in her late 30s when she starred in Damiano’s THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES, in my personal opinion the very finest adult film ever made. Even by Hollywood standards, this is a stunner in terms of photography, storyline, and performances; Spelvin could have easily won an Oscar, or at least an adult industry’s version of an Oscar, if by 1973 there was such a possibility. In-between a pretty unrevealing interview (with a few nuggets like some of the strangest questions she’s been asked by reporters and fans), watch Spelvin’s stage act, consisting of goofy comedy one-liners and a tap dance/strip routine which is unique, to say the least. She even recreates the infamous snake scene from MISS JONES for her audience. After countless roles and sex scenes in too many films to count (on both the East and West Coasts), Spelvin eventually graduated to non-sex characters in adult films and bit parts in the POLICE ACADEMY movies. If you haven’t seen any Spelvin films, check out DEVIL IN MISS JONES, 3 AM, DESIRES WITHIN YOUNG GIRLS, MYSTIQUE, and THE DANCERS to see what you’ve been missing. She is alive and well today, retired, married and living in California (the fact track goofs and says she lives in Florida and is a graphic designer); she was recently interviewed briefly for INSIDE DEEP THROAT and I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to her via e-mail. This living legend should write a book! Her interview is followed by ads for an anonymous mail service and a leisure spa called Relaxation Plus.

Our next porno star is Jennifer Welles, a blonde middle-aged vixen who retired with her very best film, INSIDE JENNIFER WELLES. This interview dates from 1975, a couple years before she retired, and she discusses her sex life very openly. Once again, the fact track goofs by saying her film SUGAR COOKIES was written by Lloyd Kaufman (in fact, it was written by Theodore Gershuny). Welles began her career in softcore films (the incredible SUBMISSION is a must-see, from Something Weird), and is probably best-known from her roles in the 70s films of Joe Sarno (ABIGAIL LESLIE, CONFESSIONS OF A YOUNG AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE, MISTY). The scene they show from her “latest film” is from Howard Ziehm’s HONEY PIE, where she plays an older woman seducing her nephew; her co-star, Sammy Teen, was apparently a gay photo model for Falcon Studios. This rare interview is much too brief and allows very little insight into one of the adult film industry’s most unsung beauties. Followed by ads for Henry Paris/Radley Metzger’s BARBARA BROADCAST (illustrated by stills, and showing at the Eastworld Theater!) and Plato’s Retreat (hosted by its owners, an unattractive swinger couple).

God bless Annie Sprinkle! She could do the filthiest acts on-screen, but still come across as a real doll. In one of her many Midnight Blue appearances, she gives a consumer report on a variety of sex toys to improve your self-love techniques. Many porno perverts may know the name Annie Sprinkle, but not be able to identify too many of her films. That’s because most of them take the “gold” out of Golden Age. Indeed, most are pure shit; she will admit as much. Watch Doris Wishman’s SATAN WAS A LADY to see what I mean. Two of her best films, showing her quite good comic abilities, are DOUBLE EXPOSURE OF HOLLY and Cecil Howard’s SPITFIRE; check them out if you haven’t already! Sprinkle’s most popular cinematic wonders are, of course, the infamous Avon films, such as KNEEL BEFORE ME and BIZARRE STYLES, and she almost scared out of the industry for good during a urine-soaked, violent orgy scene in Zebedy Colt’s THE DEVIL INSIDE HER. Thankfully, she stuck around and has become one of the most-loved personalities to emerge from porn. Her performance art shows and lectures took the country by storm, she helped to initiate AIDS testing in the industry, and now as Dr. Sprinkle, she has written self-help books for the sexually stunted among us. Be honest: don’t you just want to give her a great big hug? Another leisure spa ad follows (Spartacus, with two locations), as well as a promo for Puritan Magazine (some centerfolds include photos of Clair Dia, aka Sandy Evans of THE CHEERLEADERS, Terri Hall, and Vanessa Del Rio). Marilyn Chambers returns in a black-and-white segment, called a “video centerfold”, giving herself a luxurious bubble bath, then switching to color to prance nude around an apartment to jazzy rock music. Want more ads? You got ‘em, including commercials for an unnamed escort company and Midnight Blue seeking its next video centerfold.

A 1976 episode is an incredible find: a behind-the-scenes look at shooting a hardcore film, in this case, Carter Stevens’ HONEYMOON HAVEN!! Stevens was a very busy guy in the 70s and 80s, spending time both in front of (PLATINUM PARADISE, TIFFANY MINX, VELVET HIGH) and behind the camera (PLEASURE PALACE, PUNK ROCK, ROLLER BABIES). Stevens actually appears in a rare interview here; also seen is Michael Gaunt (CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD, anyone?). The fact track goofs again, saying the film stars “Marla Willoughby” (ahem…Marlene Willoughby). Jamie Gillis is interviewed briefly about his approach to acting in adult films, with clips shown from the superb STORY OF JOANNA. I recently interviewed Gillis for the DVD release of Cecil Howard’s NEON NIGHTS, and contrary to his on-screen persona, is an incredibly nice guy, full of brilliant stories about just about every co-star and director he’s ever worked with. He currently lives in New York City, after residing in San Francisco for an extended period. Another legend who should write a book! Followed by ads for Lucky Lady and Plato’s Retreat. Fun fact: see Plato’s Retreat up close and personal in WHEN SHE WAS BAD and PLATO’S THE MOVIE.

Another interesting segment finds Midnight Blue interviewing two “has-been” porno stars: buck-toothed Helen Madigan and super-hung horse-faced Marc Stevens. Madigan is shown slumming post-porno success as a stripper, and Stevens lounges around his “lavish penthouse” (the same floor and as Annie Sprinkle). Stevens justifies his “retirement” for the low pay, and shows himself as a pretty bitter guy who couldn’t get work because drugs took over his life. He eventually died alone and withered from AIDS. Try finding a copy of his book “10 ½” if you can. Tina Russell is discussed, as she is one of porn’s most tragic figures: she drank herself to death after her husband Jason left her for Jean Jennings on the set of Armand Weston’s DEFIANCE. He also discusses Andrea True’s break-through success. Madigan shows a good amount of weight gain, and discusses the change from having fun shooting fuck films to a full-fledged business. She remembers not being paid for an 18-hour day, and is shown in a scene with Eric Edwards in S.O.S.! It’s an interesting contrast to the happier Helen Madigan shown in an interview excerpt on the DEEP THROAT EDITION DVD. The factoid track reveals some interesting tales of Madigan, a relatively obscure porn star who very few people recognize. A commercial break advertises a “Best of Midnight Blue” VHS tape (anyone still have a copy of this?!), containing some of the popular video centerfolds, for $69.95, an orgy happening, and the public-access “Interludes After Midnight” show.

Remember Bambi Woods? You know, the three-shot wonder who starred in the title role of DEBBIE DOES DALLAS? If you’re expecting the busty blonde with an obvious fetish for pot, think again: the Bambi shown here features a pixie haircut, dark brown, and is barely recognizable from her popular film role. The interviewer asks her about shooting the film at Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute (the film was shot there illegally, causing much controversy), how she got into the business, and her reaction to her success. She seems much less stoned than she did as DEBBIE, but still comes across as a dimbulb. Fans have gone crazy trying to find out her identity, who she was, her whereabouts today. I don’t see the big deal, really, unless it’s a fascination because she only made two features and a Swedish Erotica loop, then promptly disappeared. Interesting note about this interview: she reveals she was not comfortable in her sex scene with Robert Kerman, which may be why she wishes to remain hidden all these years later. Following the interview, the viewer is treated to some of her exotic dance routine at the Melody Burlesque Theatre, the regular spot for porn royalty performances. A comic commercial for a magazine called “Death” features Al Goldstein and a smiling girl in a casket.

Veri Knotty is touted on the box as an “infamous cult actress”, and she should be better known after seeing what her incredible talent is: tying her pussy into a knot!! Shown first in a clip from the underrated classic CAPTAIN LUST AND THE PIRATE WOMEN, Knotty then discusses the various tricks she performs on-stage for her appreciative audience and we then get to watch her pretty kinky stage show at the aforementioned Melody Burlesque. On a side note, I hope Al Goldstein has more Melody Burlesque footage in his vaults. Some of the best porn stars performed there, including one of my favorite tit queens, Sue Nero! Back to Ms. Knotty: a few of her films are worth checking out, including BEYOND SHAME with Seka, JOY with Sharon Mitchell, Chuck Vincent’s THAT LADY IS A TRAMP, and Henri Pachard’s A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND. A commercial for a goofy lounging robe with profanities all over it follows.

Who’s Tara Alexander? She tried to become a major sex star by having sex with 75 people at Plato’s Retreat. In actuality, she had sex with 86 men (all wearing condoms). She never actually made a film, but set a world record…for about two seconds. An advertisement entices male viewers to write in begging for a chance to have their way with her! The best commercial of the disc comes next: real-life couple Samantha Fox and Bobby Astyr star as a comic duo anxious to plug a machine called Kik. What does it do? Still not sure…something to do with pot. But it’s cool to see the #1 couple in Manhattan porn together on-screen in such an obscure project! Astyr died two years ago, and Fox still lives in New York City, very hesitant to discuss her adult film past. Too bad, she was one of the industry’s best actresses and still has a strong fan following.

How could someone not know who Seka is? She was the first major star of the 1980’s, a platinum blonde princess whose icy on-screen persona wasn’t too far from her true colors. She entered the adult film industry after owning an adult bookstore with her husband Ken Yontz (who co-starred with her in several loops and films). She eventually broke up with him, after he pimped her to notorious producer/director Leon Gucci (Leonard Kirtman) and became a domineering manager rather than a husband, and Seka became an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. Of her lengthy filmography, ANY TIME ANY PLACE, LUST AT FIRST BITE, HEAVENLY BODIES, ULTRA FLESH, “F”, and INSIDE SEKA are probably the essential Seka titles, and her Leon Gucci films aren’t too terrible (SEDUCTION OF CINDY, TARA, PRINCESS SEKA). But her Swedish Erotica loops were consistently good, as well as her Diverse Industries loops. By the mid-80s, however, another blonde sexpot had taken over as the reigning queen of porn: Ginger Lynn. Seka eventually faded into the background, making a brief comeback in the 90s before leaving the industry behind for good. Seka recently made a comeback, after living for years in hiding in Chicago (not Kansas City, as the fact track says), appearing in the excellent documentary DESPERATELY SEEKING SEKA and making adult industry event appearances and even making a few stops at New Jersey’s Chiller Theatre convention! Her interview here doesn’t reveal much that hasn’t been said in other interviews, but it’s great to see her talk so openly at the time of her sweeping success and also glimpse her stage show at the Melody Burlesque. Closing out the disc is an ad for Guys and Dolls, a wild-looking strip club.


In addition to featuring interviews with the heavyweights in the world of sex, “Midnight Blue” also managed to land a few celebrity interviews, as well as turning the spotlight on sex scandals splashing across the tabloids. This unique program compiling the best of the show’s celebrity encounters is just as fascinating as the porno stars disc, and will feed the gossip hound in every film fan.

Kicking off the disc are ads for a swinging couple, an erotic merchandise catalog, and the Orgasmatron (available at the Pink Pussy Cat Boutique). The first interview of the disc is a meeting of the sleaziest people in the sex magazine industry: Al Goldstein and Larry Flynt (pre-shooting). The two discuss the new popularity of Hustler magazine, which Goldstein seems visibly envious of, and the pop-up trivia track alerts the audience that Goldstein in fact did see Hustler as a rip-off of Screw. Maybe if Goldstein spent more time on his magazine than trying to get laid by porn stars, Screw would have been more popular. Another commercial from the owners of Plato’s Retreat makes one wonder how either of these people attracted anybody to swing with them!

In the 1970’s, a notorious stag film surfaced which was alleged to star FUNNY GIRL Barbra Streisand before her star took off. Much like Marilyn Monroe’s supposed stag film, which turned out to be Arlene Hunter. Shown with an introduction asking the viewer to decide for himself whether it is indeed Streisand, the 8mm film is of very poor quality, so deciphering the identity of the female star is a challenge. But the similarity is definitely there…! A personal sex ad for an English girl seeking fun follows.

SNL’s often-forgotten black cast member, Garrett Morris, appears in a fake commercial for Garrett Morris’ School of Mooching, which seems to be a sketch which SNL never aired. An intriguing ad for Screw’s 10th Anniversary Party at Plato’s Retreat is followed by an interview with a probably blitzed Goldstein (with Chaka Khan’s “I’m Every Woman” playing in the background). Also see Melvin van Peebles (SWEET SWEETBACK’S BAADAAAAS SONG) and Buck Henry (writer of THE GRADUATE) interviewed at the party, as well as Goldstein’s mother and Larry Levenson disco-dancing. An ad for Cinema-X Magazine features an issue in my personal collection, with Desiree Cousteau on the cover!! The career-ending interview with Jennifer Welles and reviews of TANGERINE, HOT RACKETS, and THE ECSTASY GIRLS with photos galore are highlights. Annette Haven wrote a regular column for this mag, and Leslie Bovee answered letters from readers. I picked up this piece of history for $3 on eBay.

The late great Russ Meyer, known for his stance against hardcore pornography, gives a rare TV interview, talking about his favorite shooting locations, his influence on American films and their approach to nudity and sex, and his five most important films. This may also be one of the few times clips from Meyer’s films appeared on American TV (trailers for THE IMMORAL MR. TEAS, LORNA, VIXEN!). Meyer is there to promote his last theatrical film, BENEATH THE VALLEY OF THE ULTRA-VIXENS, which is also probably his weakest; he discusses Kitten Natividad, Ann Marie, and June Mack (who Roger Ebert discovered!). He does lie about Natividad being the only one with implants in the movie; Marie has the most obvious implants in any Meyer film. An ad for Puritan Magazine touts it as the magazine of the 80s, but it never really took off. A centerfold of Serena and Jamie Gillis looks intriguing, as does a massive section with swingers’ ads and news for swingers! I was surprised to see an ad for a gay bathhouse on the program, but here it is, a commercial for Ansonia 73, which looks like a happening joint.

The 1979 Hooker’s Ball in San Francisco is the setting for a chat with future killer..ahem, I mean, acquitted killer O.J. Simpson. By 1979, he had retired from football due to injuries, and had conquered Hollywood in such kitsch classics as THE KLANSMAN and THE TOWERING INFERNO, and his mini-interview here isn’t all that interesting. Three hookers also plug a book about how to give head, and Margo St. James, the founder of the hooker’s ball, butts into O.J’s interview. An ad for a swingers’ happening features not only a young Ron Jeremy, but also Robin Sane (GOOD GIRLS OF GODIVA HIGH, AFTERNOON DELIGHTS, PLATINUM PARADISE) with a strange hairdo (and identified by the pop-up trivia track as a “disinterested swinger”).

The Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, sits down for the camera to discuss his new documentary PUMPING IRON, one of the most popular documentaries of all time. He discusses how he became involved with bodybuilding and how to succeed in competitive bodybuilders’ competitions. Photos also show him at his athletic peak, sitting with a topless girl on his shoulders, and the infamous nude photos (with penis obscured) that have popped up all over the Internet. Commercials for Big Apple Escorts, the Grand Opening of a new location of Plato’s Retreat, and Puritan Magazine follow.

How did Tiny Tim ever become popular? Not only did he have a major chart hit with “Tip Toe Through the Tulips”, his gimmick on-air wedding on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” was one of the highest-rated episodes of that show. He can’t sing, he’s sinfully ugly, and is really lacking in personality. That said, I own two of his albums on LP and listen to them often. They’re just terrible enough to be entertaining, which may be the reason why he became successful. His interview is typically bizarre, with lots of rambling by Tiny Tim about nothing much, really. He does reveal he’s ashamed that he masturbated once and has sworn off it! The trivia track is more interesting than the interview, recounting Tim’s many nonsensical quotes and off-the-wall behavior. The ads that follow entice viewers to check out Select Escorts, a “fuck yourself” rant by Al Goldstein aimed at Sean Penn for punching out a journalist photographer during his marriage to Madonna, and a fabulous promo for phone sex number 970-SUCK starring blonde superstar Amber Lynn and male porn favorite Herschel Savage (who wisely retired from films because companies refused to feature him in safe sex scenes).

Al Goldstein, on location in Central Valley, California, interviews famous artist R. Crumb at his home. Crumb’s infamous underground comics have gained him a cult following still strong today, but I love him for maybe the best album cover of all time, Big Brother and the Holding Company’s Cheap Thrills LP! Check out the feature-length doc CRUMB for a more interesting look at him than you get here, though it’s interesting to hear his thoughts on sex. Watch for a very cool phone sex ad (another 970 number) with a big-haired blonde waxing poetic about all the guys who have called her and performed all kinds of wild acts with her…over the phone…! A commercial for the new Screw magazine trumpets an Annette Haven interview, apparently the same interview where Goldstein crawled after Haven en route to her limo, begging for a blowjob. Another “Fuck you” rant by Goldstein aims at Howard Stern, for a reason that is never disclosed. Apparently they made up; Goldstein appeared on Stern’s show a couple years ago (before it moved to Sirius, where it’s much, much better), declaring he was bankrupt, homeless, and working at a bagel shop. Karma’s a bitch. Another 970 phone sex ad begs you to call 970-MEET, with lots of topless girls.

Penn & Teller, the infamous comedy-magic duo, are introduced by Goldstein as a gay couple (!) and wear Screw T-shirts. Teller, of course, doesn’t say a word, but Penn keeps talking for the both of them, and they’re good guests in this segment, plugging the film PENN AND TELLER GET KILLED. They defend their giving away of magicians’ secrets, and Penn’s very frank discussing cock size and masturbation. Yet another 970 ad features a girl named Bambi not being very into the supposedly sexy dialogue, and Rendezvous Escorts’ commercial shows a blonde gal walking through a barren, wintery-looking Central Park. Topless girls with big 80s hairdos strut their stuff on a stage in an ad for 970-GIRL, a mega-titted honey, lesbians and actual sex scenes plug 970-LIPS, and Goldstein shouts another “Fuck yourself” to Donald Trump, the high-haired New York City mogul.

Pretty boy Rob Lowe’s career took a major hit with the release of a home sex video featuring an underage girl. It took a couple of years for him to make a comeback as a character actor in the 90s and a major role on NBC’s “The West Wing”. After making a splash in Brat Pack flick ST. ELMO’S FIRE and continuing to rock 80s cinema with leading roles in ABOUT LAST NIGHT…, MASQUERADE, and YOUNGBLOOD. In 1988, the aforementioned sex tape emerged to create a major Hollywood scandal. The video shown here isn’t that notorious headlines-grabbing one, but is instead a second video shot in a Paris hotel room that appeared on the market in 1989. Surprisingly, footage of Lowe’s erect dick isn’t censored, showing him at his full length (good size); his pretty much perfect ass (which usually managed to appear in most of his big films) is the star of the show, shown pumping away for what seems like an eternity. Ads for a transsexual 970 phone number and Jolie Escorts follow, as well as another “Fuck yourself” rant aimed at Jack Nicholson. Why? Nicholson snubbed his invitation to an adult film awards show. He even broadcast Jack’s home address!

The Go-Go’s were hands-down the best all-girl rock band of the 80s. Sorry Bangles and Bananarama, you ain’t got nothing on Belinda Carlisle and Jane Wiedlin! They hit it big starting in 1982 when “We Got the Beat” appeared in the opening scenes of FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH, and consistent hits followed (“Vacation”, “Our Lips Are Sealed”). But in another scandal-making sex video, this tape of backstage antics exposed them as baaaad girls…which made them even hotter to some! In the video shown here, they’re trying to have a fan fuck one of their male roadies so they can watch it and enjoy it later (!). The roadie’s erection is censored (strange, considering Rob Lowe’s was shown previously) as he tries to get it hard. Belinda Carlisle, who later turned into a pop princess after bailing from the Go-Go’s, acts really out of it, as if she combined pills and booze to create a dreary monster, rambling about the joys of masturbation and trying to give the roadie a fantasy scenario to help his erection. The video isn’t shown completely, but the trivia track reveals that the roadie passes out and they shoved a dildo up his ass! Yowza! The uncensored tape can be found in collector’s circles, along with the Rob Lowe tape. Al “Grandpa Munster” Lewis plugs the show in a commercial, Goldstein screams “Fuck yourself!” to media mogul Ted Turner and his trophy wife Jane Fonda, and 970-SCREW promises steamy phone sex action.

The supremely annoying Gilbert Gottfried sits in with Goldstein and does his usual shtick, guaranteed to make your ears bleed. He talks about eating pussy, masturbation, having sex with animals, and is in general not funny. He was on “Saturday Night Live” around this time, as part of the cast that followed the original Not Ready for Primetime Players. Almost all of the 1980-81 season’s performers were canned by the end of the season, including Gottfried. Another grating comedian, the late Sam Kinison, plugs the show, Mistress Erin demands you call 970-MISS, Goldstein plugs his 970-NYC1 phone sex line and throws a “Fuck you” to Geraldo Rivera, Je Reviens touts itself as a classy phone sex line in a commercial that looks inspired by Calvin Klein ads, and a worn-out-looking Seka promotes her 970-SEKA phone sex line (see her with Mike Horner in a movie clip).

Debbie Harry and Chris Stein, lead singer and guitarist for Blondie, show up to be interviewed by Goldstein. Harry is no stranger to weirdness, having contributed soundtrack songs for John Waters’ POLYESTER and appearing as a giant-haired Baltimore hausfrau in Waters’ HAIRSPRAY soon after. Harry and Stein were romantically involved through most of Blondie’s tenure, and they’re very entertaining discussing their love life. Goldstein tends to go overboard on the sex talk, and Harry seems uncomfortable at times. No talk about Harry’s solo album, which she was recording at the time? Like Asian girls? Call Oriental Beach Escorts…if you aren’t scared by the creepily under-age-looking girls in the ad included here! Goldstein sticks a “Fuck you” to Claudia Schiffer for her bitching about backstage nude photos snuck to the press. More Asian girls for your delight at Naughty Girl Escorts, these ones looking a little more legal.

Another connection between Goldstein and Howard Stern: they both love “The Munsters”, and have featured many of the cast members on their shows. Goldstein interviews Al Lewis, still spry and very funny. He admits to watching “Midnight Blue” regularly, talks about “The Munsters”, and Goldstein goes on a rant about fans seeing celebrities (including himself…puh-lease) as their characters and not as human beings. Call the Cream Team at 970-JAIL or 970-WIFE.

Both discs open with a disclaimer explaining that the transfers used the original 3/4 inch master tapes and that there are still imperfections. As the scroll puts it, "you can't shine shit." Truer words have never been spoken! Tracking problems and discoloration are a frequent problem, as well as plenty of video dropouts, and the overall image on both platters is a few steps above a VHS tape. But the fact that both discs special contain super-rare interviews with a multitude of porn stars, as well as glossed-over celebrity encounters many of the spotlighted stars would probably rather forget, makes up for any imperfections. The mono audio is stronger in some segments than others, but gets the job done. The only special feature on the duo is a featurette, “Al’s Adventures on Demerol”, taped by Scream Queen Linnea Quigley. It’s for Goldstein fanatics only, following a dentist appointment where he was put on Demerol and Vallium.

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