Director(s): Victor Milt/Leonard Kirtman
Vinegar Syndrome

Vinegar Syndrome's Peekarama double pairs to "thrillers" with SHERLICK HOLMES and REUNION.

In SHERLICK HOLMES from Victor Milt (SEX WISH), Watson (Zebedy Colt, THE AFFAIRS OF JANICE) documents the adventures of detective Sherlick Holmes (Harry Reems, DEEP THROAT) who is unable to keep it in his pants around their housekeeper Maud (Candy Love, AMAZING DR. JEKYLL). Holmes has invented a time machine in order to better solve crimes by going back and observing them in progress. A mishap, however, sends Holmes and Watson to seventies New York where they are set upon by pimp "The Mayor" (Bobby Astry, THE VIXENS OF KUNG FU) who sets them up with girls Charity (Bree Anthony, ALICE IN WONDERLAND) and Candy (Cheryl White, HIGHWAY HOOKERS). The girls rob them of their clothes and the time machine which will is in danger of self-destructing and leaving the pair trapped in the future, not that Holmes minds all that much since he sleeps with every woman he meets as they follow clues to an airline where a stewardess (Maureen Anderson, ORIENTAL BLUE) turns tricks, a massage parlor, and a séance where they discover that Maud has reincarnated as a gypsy. Thinking that Sherlick and Watson are trying to muscle in on his business – decked out in his spare pimp gear as they are – The Mayor is on their trail. Although it intends to be a comedy, SHERLICK HOLMES is less amusing for its jokes (including an animated title sequence that probably cost more than the film) than the sight of Reems, Colt, and Astyr running around the streets of New York in loud pimp clothes to the bewilderment of passersby. Colt also appeared as Watson in a gay film the same year called THE AMERICAN ADVENTURES OF SURELICK HOLMES from Ralph Ell that shares the same credited writer and may share some behind the scenes crew.

Leonard Kirtman's REUNION is a nifty take on Agatha Christie's TEN LITTLE INDIANS in which old high school friends Jim (Tony Richards, SATAN WAS A LADY), Carol (Bree Anthony), Nancy (Nancy Dare, MARASCHINO CHERRY), Maggie (Marlene Willoughby, VOICE OF DESIRE), Elizabeth (Vanessa del Rio, HOUSE OF DE SADE), and Donna (Taylor Young, SWEET CAKES) are all invited to an island party by an unknown host. Arriving to learn from the cross-dressing housekeeper Betty that their host will arrive later, they settle in for a tense reunion. After having started the party early aboard ship with Jim, Carol stakes her claim on him when Nancy flirts with him. At dinner, they discover via a tape recording that their host is Arthur Sassy (Alan Marlowe, THE PRIVATE AFTERNOONS OF PAMELA MANN), their much-bullied classmate who they nicknamed "sissy." He informs them that there is no way of the island and that it is his turn to have some fun with them. Throughout the night, each of the women falls prey to Arthur with the help of a hypnotic music box, leaving Jim and a catfighting Carol and Nancy to fend for themselves when not distracted by sex. Not quite a feeble as Kirtman's HOT FLASHES, REUNION – which was sold on video as a Vanessa del Rio vehicle although she has little to do outside of a single sex scene – is less funny for its overtly humorous elements like the crossdressing Betsy (who uses the excuse of laryngitis to hide his voice) than for the haphazard acting (Dare is the only actor who is remotely convincing or entertaining) and disinterested staging.

Derived from 2K scans of 35mm archival elements, the progressive, anamorphic widescreen transfers look very different. SHERLICK HOLMES is soft and grainy with muted colors, although this seems to be the fault of the original possibly 16mm photography as much as the condition of the elements. REUNION, on the other hand, looks quite colorful and sharp when the camera is locked down (dig that seventies wallpaper which looks worse than anything you would come across in a more gothic Andy Milligan take on a similar scenario). There are no extras. (Eric Cotenas)