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The fine folks behind the original 42ND STREET FOREVER and its refined second edition through Synapse have decided to dip into the ultimate niche market of trailer comps: the porno trailer compilation. Besides the CUMMING SOON! compilation disc and several tapes from Alpha Blue Archives and Something Weird Video, this is a road rarely traveled by collectors, and of all the similar collections available, Ban 1’s SMUT PALACE INSANITY is the best of the lot. Almost every single trailer is a bonafide classic of the genre, transforming a simple trailer collection into a vital historical document for fans and historians of this much-maligned side of the film industry.

Following a brief intro by our host, Alfred Cockhitch (tee-hee), we plow into the trailers! Be prepared for the ride of your life:

EXPOSED (1980): This comic behind-the-scenes glimpse into the adult film industry is very similar to Henri Pachard’s later SEXCAPADES (1983), but was most probably inspired by Harry Reems’ well-publicized retirement (that didn’t last), and manages to be funny and sexy at the same time. John Leslie (with a reliable hard-on and demonstrating his love for cunnilingus and solid acting talents) stars as Willie Gordon, a porno actor who has turned his back on the industry but is enticed back into making one more film for a company on the verge of bankruptcy. Sharon Kane co-stars as Leslie’s loving wife who knows nothing of her husband’s past life as a porno star. Kane was always great in comic roles like the aforementioned SEXCAPADES and some fans will remember as Aunt Peg’s look-alike niece in the AUNT PEG films, but she tackles a dramatic role beautifully here. Underrated Kitty Shayne, a towering busty redhead who made far too few films, plays the horny next-door neighbor, Lysa Thatcher (NEON NIGHTS) is a nubile newcomer in a casting couch situation, and R. Crumb drawing brought to life Sue Nero and lovely Brooke West play chained cheerleaders in a movie-within-a-movie. Jon Martin (never given his due as a porno stud) plays the exasperated director of the upcoming blockbuster, and watch for David Morris (already looking tired compared to his hunky New York days) as a dungeonmaster. Director Jeffrey Fairbanks made three excellent films in the space of two years (EXPOSED, AMERICAN PIE, WILD DALLAS HONEY), but his identity remains a mystery. Some have speculated that he is actually Anthony Spinelli (who is great here as the money-hungry producer assigned to lure Leslie back in front of the camera), or in fact a Hollywood director who will never allow his real name to be made known. Whoever Fairbanks was, he should have been a contender judging by his troika of unsung classics. Unfortunately EXPOSED isn’t available on home video at the moment, and since it’s in VCA’s library (now controlled by Hustler), don’t count on it coming to DVD soon.

HIGH SCHOOL MEMORIES (1980) – The late Anthony Spinelli never made a bad adult film. While the general consensus among the major fans of the classics is that New York spawned the classiest and best films during the Golden Age, Spinelli was a glaring exception to that rule. For some reason he is often confused with Armand Weston (the two were not the same person, though Spinelli’s real name was Sam Weston); Spinelli’s films were a very unique bunch, unlike any other director’s, and his background in legitimate film shone through in all of his work. Compared to TALK DIRTY TO ME or SEX WORLD, this is definitely a lesser Spinelli work, but it’s still a minor masterpiece well worth tracking down. A reunion of high school teachers at a bar sets the stage for memories of sexual shenanigans with their students past, namely the studly football team and sexy cheerleaders who fuck like bunnies on a schoolbus and in a hotel. Light on plot but heavy on well-photographed action, nicely acted dialogue, and filled with the best girls in California porn at the time, HIGH SCHOOL MEMORIES is a fun little film often relegated to a footnote in Spinelli’s filmography. Jamie Gillis plays the cocky coach, who finally wins over striking beauty Annette Haven, a teacher who spurned him years earlier. The football players include John Leslie (the oldest high schooler you’ll ever see), David Morris, Richard Pacheco, and little-known Mick South (who looks lost in his sex scene with goddess Haven), while Dorothy LeMay (the cutie-patootie with impressive oral skills misidentified as being Susan Olsen, “Cindy” from “The Brady Bunch”, over the years), Brooke West, Misty Regan, Lysa Thatcher, unknowns Diana Holt (a fresh-faced brunette), Sonya Summers (a pig-tailed brunette), and Lynn Samuels (a large-breasted brunette), fully embody the perky cheerleaders. The trailer highlights how passionate and well-shot the sex is. Available on DVD from VCX (the trailer opens with the VCX logo).

WICKED SENSATIONS (1981) - This obscure star-studded classic remains out of print, as the Caballero library is kind of up in the air, but it is still regarded as one of the best films of 1981. John Leslie won an AFAA Award for Best Actor as a novelist vacationing at a ski resort who finds the “Perfect 10” in lovely Diana Holt (who shared a scene with him in HIGH SCHOOL MEMORIES…a real life couple?) before realizing the perfect woman for him is his mousy wife Annette Haven. This film has been called a remake of Blake Edwards’ “10”, and Leslie does seem to be channeling the dorky Dudley Moore pretty well. It’s interesting to see the trailer proclaim Diana Holt as “the screen’s newest sensation”, and she is indeed beautiful and talented. One wonders where she disappeared to. The wonderful Chris Cassidy has a highlighted scene as a drunken skier who gets down with bearded Paul Thomas (Cassidy would later come out as a lesbian when she left the industry), Mai Lin is in the opening scene with Thomas, and Holly McCall, an appealing brunette with giant breasts and decent comic talents, and Sonya Summers (from HIGH SCHOOL MEMORIES) are two hitchhikers who tag team Thomas in the back of a van. Michael Morrison, aka Milton Ingley, was one of several obese actors who got regular work on-screen for some reason in the late 70s-early 80s before becoming a director, and he appears here as a producer interested in filming one of Leslie’s novels who has sex with Suzannah French on his desk. The film is credited to a Ron Chromes, who has no other credits; it features many of the same actors from HIGH SCHOOL MEMORIES, so it’s possible this is another Spinelli-shot film, or another Hollywood director hiding behind a fake name. It’s a shame this one isn’t more widely available; it’s professionally shot, features “delicious sex” and a great cast, and is genuinely well-written, funny, and touching! Track this one down if you can!

PINK CHAMPAGNE (1979) – You’ll be shocked at the production values on display in this one! Complete with lavish Busby Berkeley-inspired musical numbers, 30s costumes, and a large cast, I’d say the success of TAKE OFF (featuring similarly adventurous period detail and impressive budget) made this one happen. A Hollywood producer in Production Code-era Hollywood and his rich friends frequent a brothel that specialized in celebrity look-alikes. Watching this one makes me reconsider the “East Coast rules” rule! It’s one of Lisa de Leeuw’s earliest films, and she’s just as talented and sexy here as she would be in later, better-known vehicles. Watch for perpetually tanned Tawny Pearl, a large-cheeked blonde with no breasts but an insatiable sexual appetite and a winning smile; she looks like current pornster Mary Carey! You may remember her from TABOO as one of Mike Ranger’s study buddies. A Charlie Chaplin look-alike does mime during his very hot sex scene (with a very wet cumshot), Bill Margold plays a studio publicity man, West Coast anal queen Connie Peterson plays Mae West, Lisa de Leeuw gives a handjob to a black chauffeur who screams “Dick don’t fail me now!”, Tiffany Clark plays Sheena Queen of the Jungle who rips the clothes off and ravages her man before screwing him, Ron Jeremy is a waiter, and most historically important, the star is John Stagliano (billed as Jon Steele), who would later become famous as Buttman. Director Sven Conrad also made FRAT HOUSE, a surprisingly funny take-off on ANIMAL HOUSE (though the ultimate porn version of that blockbuster comedy is Bob McCallum’s COED FEVER), and two lesser-known films, BODY MAGIC and DOING IT. Producer Mark Corby was also responsible for Bob McCallum’s TANGERINE and PEACHES AND CREAM. Cal-Vista distributed this one, so it should be on DVD from NuTech (the current rights holder of that library) by now. Alas it’s a tough one to find, so start searching for this underrated classic!

WOMAN IN LOVE (1979) – The late Kemal Horulu was responsible for some of the most pretentious adult films of the Golden Age, namely because he was so occupied with soap opera dramatics that not only did the sex suffer, but the films themselves simply bit off way more than they could chew. One had to hand it to Horulu, the man did try to make real films and break free from the restraints of the porno genre. WOMAN IN LOVE (often called WOMEN IN LOVE) is probably his best offering. The late Laurien Dominique is Christine, an unhappily married woman whose husband (Robert Kerman, who specialized in dirty old man and philandering husband roles, to his chagrin) is too busy working hard to support their lifestyle to sexually satisfy her anymore. Enter Vanessa Del Rio, an exotic boutique owner who hires Christine and introduces her to a world of swinging and sexual freedom that threatens to destroy her already crumbling marriage. Sound like “Madame Bovary”? It’s a similar story, as mentioned in the trailer itself. Jerry Butler appears in one of his earliest roles as a handyman and the outstanding cast also includes Veronica Hart, Samantha Fox, Ron Jeremy, Bobby Astyr, Christie Ford, Veri Knotty, and George Payne (Del Rio’s then lover who shares a passionate scene with her) among the swingers. If you want proof that Vanessa Del Rio could act, this is a good place to look (as well as THE DANCERS, PLATINUM PARADISE, HER NAME WAS LISA, and countless other films). Laurien Dominique is unfortunately not as volcanic a leading lady as the film’s dramatic screenplay requires; Veronica Hart or Samantha Fox should have switched places with her to create a more rewarding heroine. Available on DVD from Caballero, and strongly recommended!

LOVE DREAMS (1981) – Another very obscure title unavailable on video, but it doesn’t look to be as essential a classic as the previous trailers. Sue Nero is in it, and looks as lovely as she ever would. A Parisian student comes to San Francisco pursuing the American dream as a designer, and finds herself being involved in sexual escapades with everyone she meets. Julia Perrin is the leading lady, and she had previously appeared in French adult films before making this, her American debut (and swan song). This gorgeous brunette is an ideal French wet dream, masturbating frantically in front of a mirror while exposing her perfect breasts and appearing in a nice selection of passionate hardcore scenes. Lithe brunette Bonnie Holliday co-stars, and the aforementioned giantess Sue Nero is a sight to behold in any film! The male performers include Herschel Savage, Mick Jones, and John Leslie (with fake grey hair). One guy gets his erect dick bitten!! Director Alan Vydra did several other films, but most remain as hard to see as this one, and despite being shot in San Francisco, LOVE DREAMS is post-dubbed like a Godzilla movie! “Opens the First Week of May! Watch For It!”

TINSELTOWN (1980) - Since his first film, THE COLLEGIATES, in 1971, Carter Stevens remained a major player in the adult film industry, directing films like PUNK ROCK! and TEENAGE TWINS, appearing on-screen in sex scenes with Annie Sprinkle (NIGHT OF SUBMISSION), Robin Sane (PLATINUM PARADISE), Crystal Sync (THE TIFFANY MINX), and others, and providing second-unit camerawork and production management duties for filmmakers like Cecil Howard and Shaun Costello. Still alive and working in Pennsylvania today, Stevens worked primarily in the New York area, but apparently trekked to California to make this “first film in over 2 years” (really?) following a young country girl in Hollywood looking to break into show business. The expected casting couch and behind-the-scenes fucking and sucking ensues. Some great footage of Sunset Boulevard and Paramount Studios also pops up. Cute blonde starlet Danielle Raye never made another movie, but it’d be interesting to know how she got into the film in the first place and what led her to never do another one. William Margold plays her sleazy manager, who tag teams her with director Mike Ranger (super hot as always) on a movie set in a stand-out scene and loans her out to lesbian casting agent Pat Manning. Newcomer Ashley Brooks and Tawny Pearl (billed as Loni Henderson) co-star as equally hopeful young starlets settling for porno work on the way to the top. TINSELTOWN is languishing in the VCA vaults with countless other classics, held hostage by the Hustler Corporation.

JOY (1977) – One of two films starring an underage Sharon Mitchell (the other was Bill Lustig’s THE VIOLATION OF CLAUDIA, and both were released in 1977 when she turned 18), this is a great introduction to Ms. Mitchell’s charms. Before she descended into drug use and looked hard and used-up by the early 80s, Mitchell was a young lovely girl who actually does a superb acting job in this, her feature film debut. In the politically incorrect storyline, Joy is an uptight virgin teenager who is raped by a Hispanic intruder in her apartment and soon becomes an insatiable horndog, raping men left and right throughout New York City. Detective Jake Teague investigates. The very notion that a vicious rape could not only excite a woman, but send her on a spree seeking out more cocks to satisfy her is outrageous, but is played for comedy here. Her victims include Robert Kerman, Dave Ruby, Roger Caine, and Eric Edwards, and she inspires Veri Knotty and Clea Carson to maul Herschel Savage in an elevator and Teague’s wife Gloria Leonard has sex with plumber Bobby Astyr! Director Harvey Mansfield has been rumored to be either Bill Lustig or Chuck Vincent. Available on DVD from Video-X-Pix and an easily recommended purchase! From SuperBitch Productions!

THE FIRST TIME (1978) – Another lesser Anthony Spinelli film, with accomplished photography but not as plot-heavy or excellent as his later films. This was shot early in his hardcore career, as he was trying to find his footing in this new genre. Some worked beautifully (THE SEDUCTION OF LYN CARTER, PORTRAIT OF SEDUCTION), others didn’t (NIGHT CALLER). As this film remains unavailable (apparently Essex distributed it, which should mean VCA/Hustler would own it, but TVX claims it’s in their library, so it may come out sooner than later in their hands), the trailer shows no signs of an impressive Spinelli outing here. Suzannah French is the star, and you may remember her as the cheating wife in ANY TIME, ANY PLACE. Mimi Morgan is an unsung starlet of the mid-70s, though she appeared in several major titles (FEMMES DE SADE, PRETTY PEACHES, CANDY STRIPERS, RESURRECTION OF EVE), and was apparently a favorite of San Francisco filmmakers like Alex de Renzy, Bob Chinn, and the Mitchell Brothers. She resembles Lynn Harris! Blair Harris and Joey Silvera (sans his trademark mustache) are the male leads. An interesting scene finds Silvera shoving an ice cube into Morgan’s vagina, and an S&M whipping scene comes out of nowhere. The trailer makes mention of the use of “Panavision Equipment” during filming.

THE SEVEN SEDUCTIONS OF MADAME LAU (1981) – Many historians mark 1978 as the best year of Golden Age adult filmmaking, with the highest-quality output of the industry before and since, but 1981 was an equally important year, and was arguably the last really momentous year of the industry, seeing a good amount of classy, big-budget productions released to theaters, many of which could compete with Hollywood films of the period. MADAME LAU is one of these. Annette Haven is well-cast (though it harkens back to old Hollywood using white men and women to play Oriental characters) as Madame Lau, an exotic sexual priestess called upon by Richard Pacheco to teach him about sexual fulfillment. A brief plot but plenty of classy sex scenes and an aura of mystery and enchantment permeates the entire film. Rounding out the female cast are Georgina Spelvin (in another pairing with Pacheco the same year she gave one of her best performances opposite him in Spinelli’s THE DANCERS), 60s stripper Carol Doda in a softcore appearance, and the original MILF Kay Parker (TABOO) in a romantic outdoors love scene. Pacheco is blown in an airplane, and an alluring black woman performs a sexual rite with him. This is also one of a few classics that reference back to BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR (Spinelli’s SEX WORLD was an earlier example from that classic year of 1978), in that Pacheco mentions how much he loves the film and wishes he could have been in it. Also worth noting: this is one of the rare films where Annette Haven seems really into her sex scene, and according to Haven, she had a real orgasm and passed out at the climax of their scene together. Richard Pacheco is one of those rare adult film actors who seems to have sought out only the best scripts, directors, and co-stars before accepting a project. He’s best-known for his sensitive performances in TALK DIRTY TO ME and NOTHING TO HIDE and the Walter Mitty antics of IRRESISTIBLE, but he’s even good in small roles in EASY and BAD GIRLS. He retired early for a variety of reasons (video and the AIDS scare being the most prevalent) , but should be more widely spoken of in the same breath as John Leslie and Jamie Gillis as one of the greatest actors the industry has ever seen. It’s also interesting that he wears a condom in one of his scenes, maybe the earliest instance in an adult film. Director Charles De Santos only did three other major adult films of note (the S&M-tinged CHINA DE SADE, THOROUGHLY AMOUROUS AMY, and the HARDCORE-inspired THAT’S MY DAUGHTER), but should be remembered for that rarely-seen but well-worth tracking down HONKY TONK NIGHTS, starring Georgina Spelvin and Serena in a straight drama set in a country-western bar. Something Weird offers this on tape, but pick up the VCX DVD instead.

TWILIGHT PINK (1980) – Carter Stevens apparently made this the same year as the previous TINSELTOWN, but in New York, and despite an impressive cast and some funny moments, it’s not a masterpiece. It’s pretty fun though, especially if you’re a fan of Veronica Hart. She has four sex scenes as Roxanne Rocksoff, an ambitious, bitchy ad executive targeted by wimpy underling Robert Kerman, who possesses an antique watch with the ability to turn any woman into an insatiable horndog. He tries it out on Christine Ford, Kandi Barbour (with the greatest nipples in the entire industry), Annie Sprinkle, and Mistress Candice (who isn’t as enthusiastic here as she would be in, say, MASCARA or ORIENTAL TECHNIQUES OF PAIN AND PLEASURE). Tiffany Clark shows up for some lesbian boffing, and male co-stars include Marc Valentine (rimmed by Ms. Sprinkle), Bill McKeen (his hairy ass is spotlighted as he gives it to our Veronica), and Jake Teague, New York’s favorite older gentleman porn star. Hart has gone on the record as saying that Kerman was her very favorite co-star; to see them playing Tracy and Hepburn beautifully, check out Bob McCallum’s AMANDA BY NIGHT. The couple also shared noteworthy scenes together in CENTERSPREAD GIRLS, SOCIETY AFFAIRS, A SCENT OF HEATHER, and AMERICAN DESIRE. The title is an obvious rip from the previous year’s BABYLON PINK. Not an essential watch, but most of the sex is scorchingly shot and the “Twilight Zone”-inspired shenanigans of a watch used to turn women into love slaves is intriguing. Stevens has done better and worse films. Currently unavailable, but searching around for a used copy should turn one up on eBay or a used porn shop.

AUNT PEG GOES HOLLYWOOD (1981) – This entry in Juliet Anderson’s “Aunt Peg” series was quite different from the two preceding films, and is actually completely unrelated. Both AUNT PEG and AUNT PEG’S FULFILLMENT were simply made up of Swedish Erotica loops connected via narration and credited to Anthony Spinelli (using his “Wes Brown” moniker). In HOLLYWOOD, Aunt Peg only has one scene, as the rest of the film follows performers and crew members having sex before, during, and after the shooting of Peg’s latest box office blockbuster. Juliet Anderson’s one scene is a very hot threeway with the very talented Little Oral Annie (she lives up to her name, as one of the most influential and always watchable blowjob artists of any decade) and underrated stud Jeff Conrad. Other scenes include vying starlets Lisa de Leeuw and Rhonda Jo Petty taking on their respective boyfriends Jeff Conrad and the late Kevin James (one of the first virtual male Adonises of the industry); Lee Carroll boning photographer Conrad, and a very good multi-part scene with horny Annie assaulting projectionist Steve Douglas and female movie critic Linda Shaw gets down in the screening room. Ron Jeremy also has a scene with unknown Lorna Mills. The wonderful and alluring Tara Aire also shares a scene with James. I would heartily recommend the previous two Aunt Peg films for those looking for Juliet Anderson at her best and most memorable, and the action is as a whole much more satisfactory. While this film has a few good scenes, there’s a reason the late Paul Vatelli (an early AIDS casualty) is regarded as one of the least memorable directors of West Coast porn. All of his films feel like patchworks thrown together in a hurry, and this one is no exception. Available on DVD from Caballero for completists only.

NAUGHTY NETWORK (1981) – Another 1981 gem from Howard Ziehm, the first major adult film trendsetter (he directed MONA, the 1970 classic generally considered the first widespread release with hardcore sex). After making a few films in New York in the mid-70s, he ventured back to California to make a few films as “Linus Gator”. With a cast including Mike Ranger, Loni Sanders, Laurie Smith, Nicole Noir, and Kevin James, you know there’s going to be good sex. In this wonderful farce, we are treated to genuinely funny spoofs of network shows like “T*R*A*S*H*” and a variety of scenes with fantastic scenarios. Ziehm had revolutionized the “loop-carrier film” with HONEYPIE and SWEET CAKES (in other words, a film with unrelated segments connected with a loose plot, like a bunch of loops compiled together into a feature film), and this is a return to that format. Laurie Smith, usually a brunette, is a blonde here, sharing a scene with the stunning Kevin James; large-breasted Penthouse cover girl Delia Cosner has a soft-focus love scene; Baby Sue Young (inspired by the similarly-named Lynn Cuddles Malone in Alex de Renzy’s BABYFACE) is an underage girl shaved and screwed by Ray Wells (the other guy in Svetlana’s “F”), hospital patient Mike Ranger tries out a thermometer, a Coke bottle, and then his dick in nurse Nicole Noir’s butt; and lesbians Tina Jordan and Laura Hart perform Sapphic sex in “The Spider and the Fly”. Don’t expect too much intelligence and wit and you’ll have a good time with this one. Available on DVD from Caballero.

DIRTY LOOKS (1982) – From Platinum Pictures, the production company set up by Chuck Vincent and Larry Revene and responsible for ROOMMATES and WANDA WHIPS WALL STREET, the trailer opens with hosts Gloria Leonard and Al Goldstein introducing the film. Be prepared, though, because this isn’t a film, it’s a compilation of various scenes from Vincent and Revene films packaged together! You can see the hilarious opening scene between a blonde-wigged Samantha Fox with a Bronx accent and Jack Wrangler from JACK ‘N’ JILL; Kelly Nichols fucking mustachioed stud Ron Hudd in a drugged haze from ROOMMATES; serious thespians Roger Caine and Vanessa Del Rio performing a sexually explicit ‘Romeo and Juliet’ for a bored Fox and Wrangler from JACK ‘N’ JILL; Christie Ford and Ron Jeremy from FASCINATION; Samantha Fox and Karl Murdoch surrounded by candles from BAD PENNY; C.J. Laing and Jeffrey Hurst having phone sex in split-screen from BANG BANG; rich heiress Samantha Fox with grimy Roger Caine in the boiler room from BAD PENNY; Annie Sprinkle with Michael Gaunt from BANG BANG; a gang bang with Bethanna as the centerpiece from DIRTY LILLY; Leslie Bovee and Jack Wrangler in a changing room from MISBEHAVIN’, and apparently many more. The problem with isolating sex scenes from Chuck Vincent films in a compilation like this is that removing them from their respective storylines damages their effectiveness. All of the above titles are available on DVD from Video-X-Pix and as Chuck Vincent is one of the top 5 adult film directors of all time, no collector should be without these on their shelf. If you can only afford to get 1 or 2, get ROOMMATES and JACK ‘N’ JILL.

THE BLONDE (1980) – Annette Haven as a blonde? That’s what the trailer says, and she hosts this trailer, a rarity for this self-assured, reportedly quite haughty and difficult actress. Through the magic of…a blonde wig, Annette gets to play a dual role here: a contemporary woman of the 80s and the blonde Hollywood starlet whose spirit possesses her. You don’t often see this film mentioned among the other big titles of the period, but it’s a pleasant surprise and lovers of Annette Haven will find that she’s obviously much more animated and dedicated to this film than in other films she made around the same time. Oriental sexpot Mai Lin, Bonnie Holliday (still not given her due as a performer all these years later), and the equally underrated cult icon Brooke West (who has a stand-out scene with hunky David Morris) co-star, as well as studly blonde Jesse Adams, a rare uncut male performer. Available on DVD from VCX.

THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES (1973) – This is where it all began. The overrated piece of trash, DEEP THROAT, has gained the notoriety, but Gerard Damiano’s work of art, MISS JONES, proved that there could be artistry and intelligence in an adult film, opening the floodgates for equally innovative directors like Anthony Spinelli, Cecil Howard, Armand Weston, Chuck Vincent, the list goes on. Georgina Spelvin became a sex symbol overnight and gives the best performance of her entire career here (it remains her personal favorite of her films). The trailer includes all of the sex scenes in the film, all set to the lush, moving original score by Alden Shuman (available on CD and a mandatory purchase). Fans of this film should know: Media Blasters is releasing a Special Edition of THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES on October 31, from original film elements, with a lengthy video interview with star Georgina Spelvin and the first feature-length audio commentary from Gerard Damiano, both of which were conducted by yours truly.

DEBBIE DOES DALLAS (1978) – The biggest-selling adult film of all time is also one of the most overrated and ultimately boring “classics”, but the trailer is a classic. Hosted by star Bambi Woods (the interest and mystery surrounding her eludes me), who claims to be a “Dallas Cowgirl” in real life, the trailer does a good job introducing all the cutie cast members and it’s more fun than sitting through the whole movie. The cheerleaders themselves are the reason to watch the movie, of course, and two of them would fade into obscurity (Debbie Lewis and Jenny Cole). Christie Ford would move on from this to better films like AFTERNOON DELIGHTS, PLATINUM PARADISE, OCTOBER SILK, and A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND, as would large-breasted Rikki O’Neal (TIGRESSES, JACK ‘N’ JILL). The most memorable of the girls are also the best actresses of the lot: the late Arcadia Lake, making an impression in this, her first film, before wowing fans in NEON NIGHTS, HONEY THROAT, BELLA, and AMERICAN PIE, and Merle Michaels, a unique-looking blonde nymph who always gave her all on-screen and whose career highlights include FOXTROT, JACK ‘N’ JILL, A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND, BABYLON PINK, SILKY, and OCTOBER SILK. Georgette Sanders has amassed a large cult following, but her charms are better appreciated in BABYLON PINK, DIRTY SUSAN, and WHITE FIRE. The big names in the film (Eric Edwards, Herschel Savage, Robert Kerman, Robin Byrd) aren’t memorable in their brief scenes. Worst of all, DEBBIE is not funny or sexy. As a cultural phenomenon, it’s historically important, but it’s not the classic it’s been hailed as. Jim Clark specialized in the “young girl” subgenre, with films like TEENAGE PAJAMA PARTY, THE GOOD GIRLS OF GODIVA HIGH, and LITTLE DARLINGS, and none of them are that innovative. I have a special spot in my heart for GODIVA, as it was one of the first adult films I saw and features an early performance by golden girl Merle Michaels. Even then I knew she was something special. As well as releasing the Special Edition of DEVIL IN MISS JONES, Media Blasters is also unleashing a re-release Special Edition of DEBBIE DOES DALLAS in November. The extras are still being produced, but the transfer is from original film elements.

PLAYGIRLS IN MUNICH (1977) – From the men responsible for SHARON (Zebedy Colt and Nasred Reef, two incredibly obvious pseudonyms) comes this interesting mix of American and European porn. Zebedy Colt and Roger Caine star as two telephone repairmen who parachute into Munich and make it with a variety of German lasses. Was this one really shot in Germany? The girls certainly look European, but would a porno production company really fly their leading men overseas to make a porno film? Whatever the answer, it has some impressive sex scenes and a nice cast of unknown lovelies who dive into their sex scenes with panache to spare. VCX owns this one, but it has yet to hit DVD.

BODACIOUS TA-TA’S (1984) – There may not be a more aptly-named porno film of the Golden Age. However, this is a Paul Vatelli film, meaning it falls far short of expectations. Kitten Natividad hosts the trailer, and also appears in this, one of her first hardcore films. She only performs a lesbian scene, but it’s kind of disheartening to see one of Russ Meyer’s girls, especially one so close to him, go all the way. Bridgette Monet co-stars; her scene partner, Don Cannon (a good-looking blonde guy), was her most frequent because he was her real-life boyfriend/husband. In fact, she only had sex on-screen with maybe 5 more men in her entire career! Monet was geared to be a star after making a splash in Vatelli’s I LIKE TO WATCH and Henri Pachard’s BABYLON BLUE, but her Kewpie-doll voice clashed with her Amazonian body, as well as the fact that she rarely deigned to work with men other than Cannon, kept her from becoming a superstar. Patti Wright was performing as recently as 2003 as Patty Plenty, and she had implants even in 1984. Mustachioed stud Craig Roberts was one of the most reliable male performers of the early-to-mid-80s but he somehow eluded legendary status. Ron Jeremy, in his thinner days, delivers a hands-free cumshot. Available on DVD from Caballero.

NAKED CAME THE STRANGER (1975) – Radley Metzger, under his “Henry Paris” pseudonym, helmed this adaptation of the notorious bestseller. Darby Lloyd Rains was one of the earliest New York City porno stars, and has remained elusive since her retirement in the late 70s (she continued as a casting agent for some time before disappearing). This is one of her grandest star vehicles, and is a great indicator of the charm and talent she possessed. Filled with Metzger’s typically gorgeous camera angles and fluid cinematography, as well as a delightful sense of humor and some daring sequences (oral sex on a bus), NAKED CAME THE STRANGER isn’t as widely recognized as MISTY BEETHOVEN, BARBARA BROADCAST, or even MARASCINO CHERRY, but it should be. The cast is made up of many noteworthy early pioneers in adult cinema, including Mary Stuart (the title character in Shaun Costello’s marvelous PASSIONS OF CAROL), Alan Marlow (the dashing brunette stud of ANGEL ON FIRE, PRIVATE AFTERNOONS OF PAMELA MANN, and CHERRY HUSTLERS), Gerald Grant (SCORE and later in Jerry Douglas’ bisexual drama BOTH WAYS), Marc Stevens (DOMINATRIX WITHOUT MERCY, EVERY INCH A LADY, DEFIANCE), Levi Richards (THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES, SLEEPY HEAD, A DIRTY WESTERN), and Helen Madigan (WINTER HEAT, S.O.S., FEELINGS). A lush, beautiful film, as only Metzger can deliver. The trailer looks like one of Metzger’s trailers for CAMILLE 2000 or LICKERISH QUARTET, with fast editing, plenty of critical acclaim hyperbole, and the everpresent title logo in the lower right-hand corner. You should recognize the great library music throughout (the lush romantic theme was later used in Damiano’s FOR RICHER, FOR POORER, and Damiano would also use a percussion-heavy piece in ODYSSEY). The VCA disc is a complete disaster, deleting two complete sequences and cutting bits and pieces every which way, making this Metzger film the toughest to find in its original uncut form.

WANDA WHIPS WALL STREET (1982) – Chuck Vincent’s regular cinematographer, Larry Revene, released this through the duo’s Platinum Pictures, and it’s a very entertaining, professional-looking comedy. The dynamite trio of leading ladies, Veronica Hart, Trish Ambrose, and Samantha Fox, give their all and look to be having a great time. Hart is Wanda Brandt, an enterprising young financial consultant who schemes to take control of the biggest firm on Wall Street using her feminine wiles, setting her sights on the head honcho, Jamie Gillis. Her accomplices are Ambrose, a goofy comic sidekick who secures the attention of Gillis’ assistant, Ron Jeremy, and Fox, a stockbroker anxious to see a woman get to the top. Wanda’s male conquests include Ashley Moore (without his trademark mustache) and Fox takes on scary-looking George Payne. Watch for Sharon Mitchell in a hot tub sex scene, and a cumshot that sends sperm flying into the shooter’s giant Afro hairdo! Several scenes were actually shot on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange! How? It looks like Vincent or Revene had friends in high places! As with Anthony Spinelli’s DIXIE RAY: HOLLYWOOD STAR (which was released in a far superior R-rated version as IT’S CALLED MURDER BABY), the film was re-edited and released to video as STOCKS AND BLONDES in an R-rated version. It’s an interesting variation worth seeking out. Available on DVD from Video-X-Pix and a recommended purchase.

NURSES OF THE 407TH (1983) – In another film inspired by “M*A*S*H*” (the other was M*A*S*H*D*), this comedy even has a rip-off theme song! The nurses include Chelsea Manchester (in a scene with unsung stud Jon Martin), Kristen, and Lynx Canon. But it’s blonde bombshell Jessie St. James, a dynamo in terms of both sexual performance and acting prowess, who steals the show as “Hot Hips”, and she actually sort of looks like Loretta Swit. The sex is all great, including the pricks of Herschel Savage, Joey Silvera, and Paul Thomas. Director Tony Kendrick also did HOT DALLAS NIGHTS, and you shouldn’t need help guessing what TV show that is supposed to be spoofing! It’s available on a very high-priced DVD from I-Candy.

ROBIN’S NEST (1980) – Judging from the trailer, this is your standard swinging couples flick from the era of Plato’s Retreat. Robin Byrd (who didn’t really do any big films, but is well-known for her Manhattan public access cable show) strangely ISN’T the owner of the titular nest, where men and women meet to fuck. That’s basically the whole movie. Among the various body parts, you should recognize bearded Paul Thomas and Eric Edwards, with his then-girlfriend Arcadia Lake. There’s more proof in this trailer that she was a damn good actress. The biggest female name here is Samantha Fox, apparently slumming since her star making turn two years earlier in BAD PENNY for Chuck Vincent. Thankfully he would rescue her from films like these with excellent characters throughout the 80s. The director, Vic Burton, is Vic Bertini, an actor in Joe Sarno films (ANYTHING FOR MONEY) and he also directed several softcore sexploitation films like SHE’S DOING IT AGAIN with Uta Erickson. Why he came out of retirement to do one porno film is a mystery, but he may have done other adult films under other pseudonyms. This one doesn’t look as professional as some of his earlier work.

BLUE ECSTASY (1980) – Another Kemal Horulu soap opera, but this looks raunchier and filthier than her other films. Adorable Leslie Bovee is another sexually insatiable heroine (typical of Horulu’s films) who is really two women, the prim and proper Veronica and the wild fuckbunny Ronnie. Samantha Fox brings her over to the dark side. If this sounds like the previous trailer for WOMAN IN LOVE, you’d be right. The monumental cast includes Samantha Fox’s long-time boyfriend, the late Bobby Astyr, Alan “Spike” Adrian, always reliable Jamie Gillis, Robert Kerman, Candida Royalle (before she retired from performing and became a director), the controversial Veri Knotty, rough and nasty George Payne, and dimbulb Christine de Shaffer (often confused with Christie Ford for some reason). Surprisingly, considering Horulu’s films are generally pretty lackluster, this one looks good. Sort of like an adult version of THREE FACES OF EVE! Just recently released on DVD from TVX, hopefully uncut.

IN LOVE (1983) – Widely recognized as Chuck Vincent’s best and most mainstream adult film, he continues his trend of telling compelling stories about real people portrayed by excellent actors begun previously with ROOMMATES. The industry did not take kindly to IN LOVE, as it placed the story and performances above the sex, though the trailer doesn’t show it that way. Impulsive wild child Kelly Nichols and married man Jerry Butler begin an unexpected love affair that lasts over 20 years, as we follow their ups and downs and struggle to be together despite all odds. Veronica Hart is Butler’s wife, and other familiar faces include Sue Nero as a hooker, Samantha Fox, Tish Ambrose, the incredible Joanna Storm, buxom Rachel Ashley, and Jack Wrangler. Strangely, this film appears to be in the possession of the Playboy Corporation, so it may never hit DVD unless someone can steal it away from them. Every time a used tape hits eBay, it goes for top dollar. Get it wherever you can!

BAD COMPANY (1978) – It’s too bad the collection has to end on a less-than-impressive note with this low-rent film that seems to be an early predecessor to Henri Pachard’s excellent A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND. The director was also responsible for Annette Haven’s THE BLONDE, included earlier, but where that film is classy and well-made, this is a low-rent, forgettable weekend wonder. The film follows a group of female cat burglars who fuck their targets before taking the loot. You won’t recognize any of the cast except Juliet “Aunt Peg” Anderson, the incredible Dorothy LeMay, Paul Thomas, and maybe Turk Lyon (truly a cult figure). One busty brunette resembles Lina Romay, and there’s a semi-fisting scene that I doubt is still intact on the NuTech DVD.

All of these trailers look pretty grand, with some debris and lines present, but otherwise colors are sharp and most look better than the films look now on home video! The audio fluctuates from muffled to clear depending on the trailer, but all around, this is hands-down the best-looking adult film trailer compilation ever released!

Of course, because of the hardcore material included, this isn’t going to be a disc to pick up at your local Borders or FYE. Check out, or order it from trusty on-line vendors Xploited Cinema ( and Diabolik DVD ( This is a disc that must be in your collection! And believe it or not, a Vol. 2 is on the way! I can’t wait to get my filthy mitts on it! (Casey Scott)